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Other name(s): Welshie; WT

The basics:
The Welsh Terrier may be one of the oldest purebred terriers, and it is certainly one of the most practical for many families. Terriers were dogs developed to chase and dig in to go after sometimes dangerous game like rats and foxes, so they tend to share a bold, independent spirt and a certain tenacity. The ideal owner will know how to manage a confident, spirited dog with kindness and respect, and you'll certainly need to have time to exercise this energetic individual. However, many owners report that this smallish terrier is a bit calmer and easier to manage than many of its cousins. It could be an excellent choice for the first-time terrier owner.

Appearance / health:
The Welsh Terrier looks like a scaled down version of the Airedale Terrier. The breed is compact but rugged, and has a wiry coat with a long and flat head. It has bushy eyebrows, mustache, and beard. The Welsh Terrier’s muzzle is squared at the end and deeper than that of the Fox Terrier. Its V-shaped ears fold forward. It has a black nose, and small, dark almond shaped eyes. It has small and rounded catlike feet. The back of the Welsh Terrier forms a straight level line.

The breed requires considerable upkeep despite the fact that it does not shed. It requires brushing and combing several times every week. The abrasive hair on its coat requires regular trimming by a professional, once every three months. The trimming takes three to four hours. Like other dogs, the Welsh Terrier also needs regular cutting of its nails, brushing of the teeth, and cleaning of its ears. Bathing, though, is not required on a regular basis. Dogs that are required to compete at shows will need to be groomed even more than the non-show dogs.

The Welsh Terrier does not require lots of physical exercise. However, daily walks and play sessions are essential.

The Welsh Terrier is prone to several disorders like glaucoma, allergic conditions of the skin, and thyroid abnormalities. Proper care, diet, and exercise will help to prevent several health issues.

Behavior / temperament:
Welsh Terriers are inquisitive, intelligent dogs that train quite easily. They are generally quite brave but some tend to be timid when touched unexpectedly. They tend to dig and can be quite territorial. Unlike other terriers, the Welsh Terrier is not scrappy and is very well behaved.

Welsh Terriers are bright and training them is not difficult. They are not given to blind obedience, but as a hunting breed, it can "think for itself." Training is most effective when the trainer is able to create in the Welsh Terrier a desire to please the owner. The trainer needs to occasionally introduce variety in the training to challenge the dog in different ways


absolutely beautiful creature, good watchdog, amazing snuggles, great temperament, truly loyal dog


single apartment dweller, frequent grooming.Freddy, high strung, Energy, bathing


wiry top coat, sturdy package, Feisty Little Welshie, highenergy dog, typical small terriers

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Welsh Terrier

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