Welsh Springer Spaniel

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Other name(s): Welshie; Welsh Springer; Welsh Starter

The basics:
The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a delightful red and white spaniel originally developed to startle game out of hiding. This breed loves being outdoors with its owner, but it is much more than a hunting dog. Cooperative and eager to please, this sometimes-sensitive dog does best with a kind owner who knows how to praise and train using positive rewards. They are happiest making you happy, and they are slowly becoming better known as excellent family pets.

Appearance / health:
The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a compact and attractive dog. The breed has a round head with a square muzzle. The ears are flat and broad and droop down like a pendulum. Eyes are hazel or dark colored. The Welshie is slightly smaller than the English Springer and a bit taller and larger than the English Cocker Spaniel.

The Welsh Springer needs fairly frequent grooming, not only regular brushing, especially the feather, but also regular trimming. Feathering can tend to mat, especially with neutered or spayed Welshies. The undercoat can grow quite thick and regular stripping helps to remove the build-up. Ears need to be cleaned regularly. Welsh Springers aren't prone to ear infections to the extent that some other spaniel breeds are, but infections still aren't uncommon. The hair around the ear canal needs to be kept trimmed short, to facilitate air circulation and allow for easier cleaning. The top third of the outer ear is typically shaved or trimmed in order to keep the fuzzies from growing out of control. It's especially important to trim the hair on the back of the ear flap to avoid matting and irritating the skin on the neck. The Welsh Springer's nails need frequent, even weekly trimming, as they grow very quickly. Some dogs are prone to excessive tartar on the teeth and brushing several times a week, if not daily, is recommended.

The breed needs to be exercised for at least two hours daily. A walk in the park or a run in a closed fenced area would suffice. Puppies are not suited to excessive exercise.

Generally a healthy breed, hip dysplasia (a disease that affects the hips), epilepsy, and entropion (a problem where an eyelid turns inward, especially the lower eyelid) seem to have affected this breed.

Behavior / temperament:
The Welsh Springer is an active dog that requires plenty of mental and physical stimulation. These independent-minded dogs may appear to be selectively deaf to their owner's commands when they sense something interesting in their environment.

Being highly intelligent, training sessions need to be short and interesting. Repetitive training may bore them.

They have a tendency to bark when they see or face a new person or situation but are not noisy.


playtime, energetic people, great jogging companion, beautiful dog, excellent watchdog


arthiritis, Pure energy, elderly owner, excitement.Springer Spaniels


extremely lively mannerisms, Noisy Hugger

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