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Species group:

Other name(s): Italian Volpino, Italian Spitz, Florentine Spitz, Cane de Quirinale

The basics:
The Volpino Italiano is one of the European Spitz breeds, a group of dogs which are believed to have existed in central Europe as early as the Bronze Age. Bred in Italy since the Middle Ages, this breed's beauty made it popular both with nobility and the common people. Alas, it is rare outside Italy.

Appearance / health:
The breed is a small size Spitz, very compact with a square built. The head is shaped like a pyramid with an accentuated stop. It has a black colored nose with wet, cool, and well-opened nostrils. The eyes are medium in size making the dog appear vigilant and vivacious. Its ears are short, triangular, and pricked. The length of the neck is almost equal to that of the head and it is always carried upright. The tail is of a length a little less than the height at the withers and is always carried curled over the back.

This breed requires regular brushing to keep it well groomed. It does not require to be bathed too often.

It is a healthy breed and does not suffer from any genetic disorders.

Behavior / temperament:
It is playful and affectionate toward its owners, but is extremely wary of strangers. It has a strong temper and sometimes challenges bigger and stronger adversaries.

The Volpino can be trained for a number of tasks with firm and consistent training.

They have a loud bark and are noisy when they detect strangers.


great watchdogs, lovable lap dog, delightful dogs, bouncy, fluff


strange noise, strangers, fur, shedding, Little Loud

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Volpino Italiano

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