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Is the Vizsla right for you?

Species group:

Other name(s): Hungarian Vizsla; Hungarian Pointer; Magyar Vizsla

The basics:
The Vizsla, one of the most highly regarded pointers, is a hunting breed that can be traced back to dogs brought to Hungary in the Middle Ages by the invading Magyars. Their intelligence and eagerness to work with their human companion encouraged breeders to use them in the development of other respected breeds like the Weimaraner and the German Shorthaired Pointer.

They are social animals who love to be worked with, and some owners have commented on the dog's need to be physically close to their owners. This is not the right choice for a busy person who must leave the dog alone for long hours of the day.

Appearance / health:
The Hungarian Vizsla is a medium sized, stylish gun dog of dignified appearance. The breed is light with a lean structure that personifies the harmony of magnificence and power. The head is lean and muscular with a brown nose. The neck is strong, smooth, and muscular. The skin is tightly fitting, without folds, and well pigmented.

The Hungarian Vizsla is a low maintenance dog owing to its short coat. It does not shed much. The nails need to be regularly trimmed.

The Hungarian Vizsla needs to be exercised for at least half an hour daily. The breed has a lot of energy that needs an outlet in the form of play, exercise, training, agility, tracking, field trials, etc.

Hungarian Vizslas are generally a healthy breed but have been diagnosed with myositis (muscle inflammation) or polymyositis (pain caused due to weakness of limb and neck muscles). They are excessive droolers. Hip dysplasia (abnormal development of hips), allergic skin reactions, and separation anxiety are known to affect this breed.

Behavior / temperament:
The Hungarian Vizsla has an excellent nose for hunting prey and has the determination to remain on the scent even in water. It quickly develops a strong bond with its master. Vizslas need constant mental stimulation in the absence of which they can turn destructive. The breed is exceptional at both retrieving and pointing.

The Hungarian Vizsla is highly trainable. Early obedience training and socialization are necessary for this breed. Positive reinforcement techniques using a consistent, firm approach may work with the Vizsla.

Vizslas can become compulsive barkers simply out of boredom. Give this dog something fun to do.


bird hunting, Loves everybody, sweet girl, beautiful coat color, vigorous outdoor fun


petit mal seizures, High energy, little skittish, high strung, nervous breed


oldest pointing breeds, agility, mental stimulation

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