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Species group:

Other name(s): American Toy Terrier; Amertoy; TFT

The basics:
The smaller the dog, the bigger the attitude. That's what breeders of the Smooth Fox Terriers discovered when the 1876 English breed standard was set for a dog weighing 18 to 20 pounds. Siince the runts often appeared to be the scrappiest animals, it seemed worthwhile to use them to develop a separate Toy Fox Terrier. There's a lot to love about the result-- a small toy who loves to be held but who retains the curious, active, and even comical sense of humor of its bigger cousins. If a Smooth Fox Terrier is a bit much for your home, maybe the TFT is the logical choice.

The AKC accepted the Toy Fox Terrier as a full breed in 2003.

Appearance / health:
The Toy Fox is a small dog with a muscular body.

They need to be bathed occasionally and when necessary. The toenails need to be trimmed periodically. They shed less, and can be brushed occasionally.

Their exercise requirements are minimal. A daily walk or two is all that is required to keep them fit.

The Toy Fox Terrier is generally a tough breed but their large ears are highly susceptible to frost bite. Proper care is to be taken to keep them away from extreme cold. They are also found to be prone to demodectic mange (a skin disease caused by a tiny mite, which causes hair loss), patellar luxation (dislocation of the kneecap), Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease (where the head of the femur deteriorates). Health conditions like Von Willebrand's Disease (a bleeding disorder with similar characteristics to hemophilia), and congenital hypothyroidism with goiter (causes a swelling on the underside of the neck) are also seen among this breed.

Behavior / temperament:
Their high intelligence makes it easy to train them, and they aren't quite as much of a challenge as the larger terriers. They love to spend a lot of time with their family, with a mix of active exercise and the ability to snuggle up. They're considered to be average barkers.


bed bug potential, toy size, Perfect Family Pet, cuddling, watch dogs


legs, high energy, strangers, constant battle, small children


small terrier, chasing squirrels, little selfabsorbed attitude

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Toy Fox Terrier

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Toy Fox Terrier

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