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Other name(s): Mah ung Ahn

The basics:
The Thai Ridgeback is a primitive dog developed in its native Thailand to be a versatile hunter, a powerful guard dog and cart puller, and a defender against dangerous vermin like cobras. They catch the eye as one of the few breeds, along with the Rhodesian Ridgeback and the Phu Quoc dog of Vietnam, that boast a ridge on their back. Thanks to their primitive and guardian instincts, they are not dogs for everyone. Be a good canine psychologist who can establish yourself as a consistent alpha to provide the necessary socialization and training from the beginning.

Although deforestation means that the Thai Ridgeback is rarely seen as a hunter these days, it remains widely respected as a guard and companion, and it has been accepted into the American Kennel Club (AKC)'s Foundation Stock Service program.

Appearance / health:
Thai Ridgebacks are medium to large sized shorthaired dogs with short hair forming a ridge along the backs. They are agile dogs with muscular thighs and a streamlined body. The head is wedge-shaped with a blunt muzzle. The broad forehead is wrinkled with a powerful jaw. Thai Ridgebacks have spotted tongues. Some even come with solid black/blue tongues. The almond-shaped eyes are dark with an alert expression. The ears are set high. The long hind legs are lean and bend slightly to the stifles. The back of the neck has extra rolls of skin when the dog is alert. The tail is curved like a sickle.

The Thai Ridgeback does not shed much. Brushing occasionally is sufficient to keep their coat in good shape.

Ridgebacks are well suited to daily walks for 20-40 minutes. They may make good companions on treks to forests. Free running is ideal for them, as it keeps them healthy and happy.

A congenital condition called Dermoid sinus affects many Ridgebacks, and is characterized by lumps or cysts on the skin. Ridgelessness is a condition seen in many dogs. Though it is not a health issue, breeders advice against breeding these dogs. Ridgebacks may need to be screened for hip dysplasia, a condition characterized by abnormal hip formation that can cause lameness.

Behavior / temperament:
The Thai Ridgeback Dog has a strong protective instinct, making them good watchdogs. They love to dig. Housebreaking is easy with them.

Their hunting instincts are strong, and they frequently wander off looking for smaller animals such as squirrels. They are aloof with strangers though extremely friendly with people they know. Owners need to remember that dogs of this breed have a strong pack drive, and they must assume the role of the alpha, otherwise the Thai Ridgeback may be difficult to control, especially for the novice owner.

They usually bark when they spot something unusual. Dogs may also bark out of boredom.


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