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The basics:
The Standard Schnauzer is the prototype Schnauzer breed that goes back to the Middle Ages, where it was developed in Germany and nearby countries first as a ratter and then as a watchdog. With that heritage, it needed to be both intelligent and fearless, and the breed is still described in those terms by the American Kennel Club to this very day. This dog is capable of thinking for itself, so you need to establish yourself as a kind but firm alpha, or you might find yourself being outsmarted. They can be destructive if you don't channel their mental and physical energy. The ideal owner is active and loves to play games or engage in training exercises with the dog.

Appearance / health:
The Standard Schnauzer is a medium sized dog. It is sturdy and muscular with an alert disposition. It has a rectangular head; the body length equals the height at the withers.

The coat of the Standard is harsh, wiry, and short. It has a dense undercoat. Grooming may be required at least twice a week. The wiry coat of the Standard Schnauzer needs to be brushed daily with a short wire brush to prevent matting. The whiskers ought to be cleaned after meals. Hair around the eyes and ears may need to be trimmed.

They need at least about 20 minutes of walking each day.

Most of the problems relating to Standard Schnauzers are behavioral. A common cause of death in the older Schnauzer is heart failure. The breed is also prone to conjunctivitis, skin and food allergies, and adenomas (a tumor of glandular origin).

Behavior / temperament:
Standard Schnauzers are energetic dogs. They tend to become boisterous and bored when idle; this may make them bark excessively or indulge in destructive chewing. Give them something interesting and/or worthwhile to do, or this dog may make its own fun.

They have strong territorial instincts. They alert the family quickly to the presence of intruders.

Standard Schnauzers are quick learners and eager to please. They can be stubborn at times. They need consistent handling. They respond only to the trainer's voice.

They have a deep bark but do not bark without a reason.


lovable personality, excellent guard dogs, best friends, healthy dog, great family dog


high strung animals, cars, strangers, stray cats, energy, appartment suitable dog


vermin, farm dogs, good water retriever, soft mouth, hiking trips

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