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Other name(s): Spinone; Italian Spinone; Italian Griffon; Italian Wire-haired Pointer; Italian Coarsehaired Pointer

The basics:
The Spinone Italiano (Italian Spinone), from Italy's Piedmont region, is believed to be one of the oldest gundogs in existence. It came close to extinction during World War II, but a few breeders reconstructed the breed in the 1950s, and it has become a popular companion and hunting dog in Europe. Known for the close bond it forms with the hunter, this dog has a keen sense of smell as well as excellent talents for pointing, setting, retrieving, and recovering. They need a lot of exercise and won't be happy in a small apartment.

You'll get the best out of this sometimes-sensitive breed if you're an experienced, intuitive dog owner who knows how to train and socialize an intelligent animal from an early age.

Appearance / health:
The Spinone Italiano is a muscular and vigorous breed. It is almost resistant to fatigue and hunts in diverse terrains. It has a hard textured coat that is weather resistant. Its wiry, dense coat and thick skin enables it to negotiate dense vegetation and endure cold water.

Spinone Italianos may need a regular weekly brushing of the coat. Ears and eyes may also need to be cleaned and wiped daily. Similarly, the beard attracts food and should be wiped clean. This breed may also require a small amount of stripping. Spinone Italianos may be bathed only when necessary. This breed grooms itself like a cat.

The Spinone Italian requires daily exercise which may include long walks and a good run off-leash. They are great to run alongside a bicycle. They do well with a small yard where they can run freely.

The breed is vulnerable to a number of diseases and conditions, including hip dysplasia (malformation of the hips) and cerebellar ataxia (a lethal hereditary disease that affects the brain).They are also affected by teeth malocclusion (abnormal alignment).

Behavior / temperament:
The Spinone Italiano is suited for hunting in all climates and terrains. The breed has a marked tendency to trot broadly and swiftly. The Spinone is an excellent retriever by nature.

They are sometimes stubborn, but are mostly gentle and easy to train.

Spinone Italianos are generally quiet.

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