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Other name(s): Australian Silky Terrier

The basics:
The Silky Terrier was developed in Australia as a beautiful yet sturdy companion, but it retains the scrappy personality of its Australian and Yorkshire Terrier ancestors-- so much so that it can be used to hunt down rodents. If you want a toy that can be picked up and carried, if you want a truly lovely breed with long flowing hair, the Silky can be an attractive choice. However, like most other small terriers, the dog is blissfully unaware of its own size. It can actually be a good watchdog because it will announce strangers. And you'd better check your fence, because this sweet-faced little toy knows how to dig.

Appearance / health:
The Silky Terrier is moderately low set. It is slightly longer than tall and has an elegant body structure.

The Silky Terrier sheds little hair but requires daily combing and brushing to avoid tangles and mats. This breed may need to be bathed often to keep the fur in good condition. After bathing, adequate drying is necessary. Coat and hair on legs may need occasional trimming. The hair over the eyes may be tied in a topknot to prevent it from disturbing its vision.

Silky Terriers do well with regular walks. But they can also be good jogging companions because they have a higher energy level than you might think looking at the short legs.

Behavior / temperament:
Silkies are energetic dogs that love to be involved in family activities. They may turn destructive if left alone for long. They may tend to be possessive of their home and territory. This curious breed is also an enthusiastic digger. They make excellent watchdogs.

Silky Terriers are moderately easy to train. They love to please their owners. A positive and persistent training method may be applied to train them.

Silky Terriers are loud barkers. Their barking may become a problem unless they are properly trained.


good temperament, energetic dogs, beautiful looks, loving nature, sweetest personality, cuddles


crazy dog, bit incessant, bark, itchy belly, hair


rodents, dog Tenacious, excellent travel companions, army crawl, occasional clipping

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Silky Terrier

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