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Other name(s): Scottie; Aberdeen Terrier

The basics:
The Scottish Terrier is a short-legged, low-slung terrier bred to hunt badgers, which means that they had to be tough, determined, and willing to dig and to chase. As a result, this sturdy little dog has an independent spirit that needs to be properly channeled by an experienced owner who knows how to offer reward-based training. If you offend this proud breed, you may lose the dog's respect. The Scottie is dignified and expects you to recognize that.

As the Kennel Club (UK) notes, this dog shares the reputation of the dour Scot of its homeland. However, it isn't necessarily unfriendly, just reserved. As a result, it can make a fine watchdog. It can be a one-person dog or simply a family pet that prefers not to share its more playful side with strangers.

Appearance / health:
Despite its small size, the Scottish Terrier gives the impression of wiry strength and muscle. Scotties are active dogs with short legs that display a smooth and level gait. The distinctive eyebrows and mustache characterize the breed.

The Scottish Terrier needs regular brushing to keep it clean. The breed may need to be professionally stripped every three or four months.
Scotties require a moderate amount of exercise. They may be given a brief walk, two to three times daily, along with some running off the leash, preferably in a fenced yard.

This breed has a high tolerance level to pain and enjoys good resistance to diseases. A hyperkinetic disorder known as “Scottie Cramp,” which causes intermittent spasms along rigidity in the muscles, is common in the breed. Deafness and various carcinomas may also be found in older dogs.

Behavior / temperament:
Scottish Terriers make good watchdogs. They make loyal pets though they can be stubborn. The breed has a tendency to wander.

Scotties need to be handled firmly from a young age. They respond well to a training approach that is based on mutual respect between the dog and owner. They are intelligent and learn quickly, though they are not always obedient.

Scotties are generally quite vocal. They tend to bark freely at strangers or passing vehicles. They are territorial dogs that announce visitors with loud and repeated barking.


Tough little dog, loyal little shadow, goodnature, little lap-dogs, devotion, great watchdogs


barkers, aggressive, itchy hot spots, chronic allergies


humour, Scottie Dogs, real characters, quirky personality, stumpy little legs

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Scottish Terrier

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