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Other name(s): Sammy; Bjelkier; Samoiedskaya Sobaka; Nenetskaya Laika

The basics:
The beautiful Samoyed is a spirited, intelligent working dog of the far north, originally developed by the Samoyede people of northwestern Siberia to hunt, herd reindeer, and haul sleds. They made a name for themselves at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, when they pulled sledges for the Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. As you might expect, they're best suited for active owners in cold climates who have lots of time to spend outside with their pets. A well-trained Samoyed is a gentle, adaptable friend who enjoys doing something useful or active. A poorly trained or neglected Samoyed, however, can become restless and start looking for something to destroy.

Appearance / health:
The Samoyed's almond-shaped eyes should be black or brown. The wedge-shaped skull is broad and slightly crowned. The muzzle is of medium length and width. The lips are black and slightly curved, giving the impression of a smile. The triangular ears are thick, well furred, and erect. The chest is deep. The tail is curled over their backs. The neck is strong and well muscled.

Samoyeds shed heavily once or twice a year. Combing the coat is done to remove any loose hair. During other times, brushing the coat at least twice a week is necessary. The dog should be bathed on an occasional basis based on outside conditions and regularity of grooming. A well-groomed dog that lives indoors most of the time will require less bathing than might be expected of a white dog. They have no doggy odor.

Most Samoyed enjoy a high level of activity, making them excellent hiking companions. A Samoyed that is getting enough regular exercise and physical and mental stimulation should be a calm and quiet housedog. Samoyeds require moderate amounts of exercise ever day. Many owners involve their dogs in sledding, racing, and herding. A combination of long daily walks, games, swims, etc. is ideal for the Samoyed. They are cold climate dogs who like to be outdoors, so think twice if you live in a hot climate.

Samoyeds are hardy dogs that generally suffer from few health problems. Obesity, skin infections, diabetes, and eye problems may occur in some dogs. Hip dysplasia (abnormal joint formation) may cause lameness in some dogs. Prospective buyers should ask for certification that the parents have been cleared of any hereditary conditions pertaining to hips and eyes.

Behavior / temperament:
Samoyeds are expressive dogs, and do not hesitate to voice their demands. Samoyeds love to dig. This behavior can be traced to the habit of digging holes for comfort in cold weather. Boredom comes easily to the Samoyed and hence owners may need to provide them the necessary mental stimulation. Incessant chewing may be the first sign of boredom. Samoyeds love being with their families and enjoy being a part of all activities. The herding instinct may be seen in some dogs.

They are intelligent dogs with a high learning rate. However, they may be obstinate at times, requiring great patience, kindness, and consistency. Positive training methods work well with these dogs, as they require good amounts of praise and motivation. However, it is important that the owner be the clear “leader of the pack” or the Samoyed may well decide it is his/her job to fill that vacancy. Exposure to different situations, people, and places socializes Samoyeds and helps them adjust to their environments.

Samoyeds will bark if left outside unattended for long periods of time; if and when squirrels, cats, other dogs, etc. pass their yard; and sometimes when people are approaching the yard. A polite, well-trained Samoyed shouldS not be overly noisy when in the house, although many of them vocalize when seeking attention. Usually, these are not loud sounds and more in the nature of small howls (“woo woo”s) than actual barks. However, some people do find the voice unpleasant.


children, white teddy bears, pure joy, lovely coat, great family pet, great disposition


chewing, high shedding season, obedience classes, hot climates, high maintenance


vicious pillow killer, double coat, Positive reinforcement works

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