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Other name(s): Saluqi; Tazi; Gazelle Hound; Persian Greyhound; Royal Dog of Egypt

The basics:
The graceful Saluki is one of the oldest dog breeds, developed in the Middle East to hunt fast-moving prey like gazelles. This primitive hunting breed is primarily a sighthound but it can also hunt by smell. This leggy aristocrat is an impressive athlete able to leap fences and run as fast as forty-five miles an hour, but (like the Greyhound) it's also capable of chilling out and relaxing at home with its owner. They may do best in the single pet home, since it's difficult for them to resist the urge to give chase.

Like many another aristocrat, they may be aloof and standoffish toward strangers unless you socialize them carefully from an early age.

Appearance / health:
The head is long and narrow. The nose is black or liver. The ears are long and covered with long silky hair hanging close to the skull. The body structure is similar to the greyhound, as seen from their long neck and deep chest. The tail is well feathered and is carried naturally in a curve.

Salukis are odorless dogs that require little grooming. Occasional brushing and combing of the feathered parts of the body is sufficient to keep the coat in good condition. As with all long-eared breeds, their ears require regular cleaning to prevent ear infections.

They require lot of exercise. Long daily walks combined with short sprints keep the dogs healthy and happy. Salukis do well with large yards or open spaces to run freely. If the yard is not fenced, a running Saluki may endanger its own life on a busy road.

Salukis are generally healthy suffering from few health problems. Eye and thyroid problems are seen in some dogs. They do not react well to some medications including anesthetics.

Behavior / temperament:
Salukis are generally a one-person dog. They are wary of strangers, and may not like being touched or stroked by them. In many countries, the Saluki breed is not allowed off lead. Their strong prey drive may be dangerous for smaller animals. Salukis on a chase are hard to stop.

They are amazing runners and can easily jump over a high fence. They have an excellent eye, and can spot prey from a large distance. They are more suited for the experienced owner who understands this breed and has the time for exercise, training, and socialization.

Salukis are perceived as unintelligent. However, this misconception may stem from the difficulty in training a Saluki to perform typical dog tricks. Salukis are highly independent by nature. Repetition bores them, and they need variety in training. Training sessions need to be short and should involve the use of positive reinforcement methods such as praise and food motivation. Harsh training methods are likely to break the spirit of these dogs. Socialization with different people and situations is necessary to prevent undue aggression or shyness in the breed.
Salukis are not very noisy. They do not bark much. However, their bark may sound like singing. They occasionally tend to howl.


sweet loving looks, beautiful dogs, affectionate dog, easy dog


barkers, low fences, stranger, frustratingly picky eater, small animals


poor recall, long ear hair, positive reinforcement training, Chasing gazelle

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