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The basics:
The Russian Spaniel is a hunting dog first developed in the former USSR from the well-regarded English Cocker Spaniel, English Springer Spaniel, and perhaps the Pointer. Possibly because it looks much like a short-legged Cocker Spaniel, it has been over-shadowed in the west by that far more popular breed. However, it is well-liked in Russia because its small size makes it easy to keep in busy urban settings when the owner is at home from the hunt. Like their English Cocker Spaniel ancestor, they have a pleasing personality that makes them attractive as pets as well as hunting companions.

Appearance / health:
The Russian Spaniel is a small breed. It is strongly built. It has a slightly elongated croup with long muscular legs. The back of the legs and ears have wavy fringes.

The Russian Spaniel is an average shedder. The waterproof coat requires little grooming. Occasional bathing and brushing helps to keep the coat clean and shiny. Regular cleaning of the ears is necessary to prevent infection.

Russian Spaniels are active dogs that require a reasonable amount of exercise. A backyard to run and play allows them to run off the leash.

This breed is generally a healthy breed. However, they are prone to gaining weight and require regulated, well-balanced meals.

Behavior / temperament:
The Russian Spaniel has a great deal of stamina and an excellent sense of smell. The breed is a natural retriever. Russian Spaniels are intelligent and respond quickly to training.

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