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Other name(s): Owczarek Tatrzanski; Polski Owczarek; Tatra Mountain Sheepdog

The basics:
The Polish Tatra Sheepdog (Owczarek Podhalanski) is a livestock guardian dog breed which originated in southern Poland near the Tatra mountain range. It can trace its lineage back to the white guardian dogs of the Eastern World which were brought to the West by traders. This rare breed almost vanished in the aftermath of World War II but is slowly being revived today. By the 1960s, the Federation Cynologique International (FCI) reinstated it as a recognized breed in Europe.

This is first and foremost a working dog. Owners should know how to train and socialize a large dog with powerful guardian instincts.

Appearance / health:
The Tatra is long and massive. The head is lean compared to the body. The muzzle is slightly longer than or equal to skull in length. Eyes are medium in size and are slightly slanting. Ears are triangular and densely coated with fur. Tail is not very high set and is carried below the level of the back.

Tatras shed all round the year. However, they shed profusely twice a year. Coat can be maintained by brushing and combing twice or thrice a week.

Tatras love to be taken out for a walk or for hiking or tracking. They also make good jogging companions.

They can occasionally suffer from hip dysplasia (a hereditary disease that may cause crippling lameness and arthritis of joints). There are very few reported cases of luxating patellas (dislocation of kneecap), juvenile cataracts (opacity of lens or capsule of eye causing impairment of vision or blindness), epilepsy (seizure), allergic dermatitis (inflammation of skin), and bloat (gastric torsion).

Behavior / temperament:
They are docile and friendly but become fierce when guarding the herd or their master's property. They have high energy levels and get bored if not provided with sufficient physical exercise and mental stimulation. They have strong protective instincts and need to be extensively socialized.

Tatras have an active mind of high intelligence. They are quick to learn but would get bored if the training is repetitive and mechanical. They are self-willed, and therefore, may be slow at obeying commands. They need to be trained firmly and consistently.

They can be noisy, as they bark at every new sight and sound, and can be a nuisance to neighbors in an urban setting.


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Polish Tatra Sheepdog

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