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Species group:

Other name(s): Canarian Warren Hound; Canary Islands Warren Hound, Canary Islands Hound

The basics:
The Canary Islands Hound is a lightly built rabbit-hunter sometimes said to be one of the oldest breeds of domestic dogs. The legend, refuted by modern DNA, claimed that this dog was found in the burial chambers of the ancient Egyptian pharoahs. Be that as it may, once rabbits were introduced to the islands in the 16th century, these dogs were required to assist in regular hunts to control their population.

Appearance / health:
The Canarian Warren Hounds are a medium-sized sighthound with a keen sense of smell and hearing. Muscular, slender, and hardy, they have the stamina to run all day. The head is long and shaped like a blunt cone. The skull is flat and long and the stop is not too pronounced. The ears are erect, wide at the base and pointed at the tip. The eyes are amber colored, almond-shaped, and small. The Canarian Warren Hound is longer than it is tall. The neck is well muscled, without a dewlap. The chest has deep oval ribs. The tail is round, and hangs down or is raised in a sickle-like fashion.

Regular brushing is sufficient to keep the coat of the Canarian Warren Hound in good condition.

They require a good amount of exercise, including the opportunity to run off the leash.

There are no known health issues specific to this breed.

Behavior / temperament:
The Canarian Warren Hounds are extremely hardy and energetic. They have a bold nature and make a good companion dog. Their excellent sense of smell makes it good for tracking. Though they are loyal to their owners and quite reserved with strangers, Canarian Warren Hounds do not make good watchdogs.

The Canarian Warren Hound responds to a trainer who understands this breed.

This is a quiet breed that hardly barks without reason.

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