Patterdale Terrier

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Species group:

Other name(s): Lakeland Terrier, Westmoreland Terrier, Black Fell Terrier

The basics:
The Patterdale Terrier, also called the Black Fell Terrier, was originally bred to hunt fox and badger in the UK. These dogs were bred to enter areas where horses and larger hunting dogs could not. Their small chest makes it possible for them to enter holes for flushing out rabbits, rodents, and foxes. In the United States, the American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes this breed under the name Lakeland Terrier.

As a breed that is still primarily a hunting animal, the Patterdale Terrier is little known as a pet. It may be somewhat independent-minded and unable to resist giving chase to your other pets. Despite its small size, this energetic animal would feel frustrated and perhaps become destructive if confined to an apartment.

Appearance / health:
The Patterdale Terrier is a small, sturdy terrier with a strong jaw and neck that makes it ideal for hunting vermin. The chest is small. The tail is set high, and is about five to seven inches in length.

Occasional brushing is all that is required to keep the Patterdale Terrier well groomed. Bathing is done when necessary.

Patterdales require a lot of exercise and physical activity to stay fit. Long walks, dog sports, hunts, and jogs, keep them engaged and active.

Behavior / temperament:
The Patterdale Terrier is a working dog with a strong desire to hunt.

Patterdales are easy to train because of their high intelligence and eagerness to please. Extensive socialization is necessary from an early age.

Patterdales can be noisy at times, and require a lot of training.


immediate family, children, loyal companion, huge cuddle bug, tenacious working breed


obsessional behaviour, high prey drive, small dog complex, small animals


stubby tail, Border terrier blood, tail docking

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