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Is the Otterhound right for you?

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The basics:
The Otterhound is a scenthound developed in England to do just what it sounds like-- dive eagerly into water in pursuit of its prey, the otter. However, they became rare after England banned otter hunting around 1978, and they are now considered a vulnerable native breed in that country.

These cheerful hounds do make enthusiastic pets for energetic, outdoorsy families-- perhaps those who have property on a lake or pond to allow the Otterhound to enjoy swimming, one of its favorite activities.

Appearance / health:
The Otterhound is a large breed that gives the impression of strength and dignity. It has a strong body and displays long striding actions. Its body is slightly rectangular, with length from the point of the shoulder to buttocks being slightly greater than height at the withers. It has strongly boned legs and broad muscles.

Otterhounds have a fair amount of coat but do not shed a great deal. The coat needs brushing on a weekly basis to keep it from matting. Nails need clipping. Teeth may need regular cleaning.

A daily long walk for at least twenty minutes is necessary for this breed. Excessive exercise in the first one year of the dog can hamper the dog's bone development.

This breed is prone to two serious health problems, hip dysplasia and thrombosis .Hip dysplasia is the defective development of the hip articulation. Canine thrombosis is a defect of the blood platelets. Careful breeding has reduced this problem, but it is still prudent to get the dog tested for it at seven or eight weeks of age. They may also be affected by skin cysts and tumors.

Behavior / temperament:
Otterhounds have exceptionally sensitive noses. They are exuberant jumpers when young. They are destructive when bored or not exercised adequately.

Otterhounds are stubborn and independent. Though good-natured, they may be slow to obey. They respond to firm training from a dominant owner.

They love to bay and have a tendency to snore.

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