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Other name(s): OEB; Old Anglican Bulldogge

The basics:
Today's Olde English Bulldogge is a re-creation of a breed developed for bull-baiting, a blood sport that involved staking out a bull and allowing several bulldogs to attack it. While this practice led to the development of powerful and courageous dogs, it was recognized as being cruel and banned around 1835. As a result, the breed became almost or perhaps entirely extinct. In the 1970s, American breeders decided to develop a dog with the older breed's distinctive looks but without the vicious temperament.

Today's Olde English Bulldogges are meant to be family animals and should be owned only by responsible owners who know how to socialize a powerful dog with kindness and respect. There are some powerful breeds in its background, including the English Bulldog, American Bulldog, American Pit Bull Terrier, and Mastiff, so these dogs have no place in the hands of careless or irresponsible owners.

Appearance / health:
Olde English Bulldogges are of medium size with a heavy, thickset, low-swung body. The head is massive and short-faced with a strong jaw. Ears are rose shaped. Forequarters are heavy, with sturdy limbs. Hindquarters are larger, muscular and longer in proportion than the forelegs, so as to make the hindquarters higher than the forequarter. Tail is usually docked.

The Bulldog is an average shedder. Thorough brushing at least three times a week using a soft bristle or rubber brush is necessary. During shedding time, frequent rubdowns help remove dead hair and distribute natural oils. A Bulldog that receives frequent brushings and rubdowns does not need frequent bathing. Toenails can be cut every two weeks. A damp cloth may be used to clean the wrinkles.

Puppies should be taken for shorter walks, gradually increasing the distance as they grow up. In general, Bulldogs should not be exercised an hour before and after meals and during the heat of day.

Old English Bulldogs are healthy working dogs without serious health problems. They are also devoid of all breathing problems usually observed in other breeds of bulldog.

Behavior / temperament:
They have a high tolerance for pain making it difficult for an owner to realize if the dog is suffering from any disease or injury.

They are trainable, but do not make a good dog for an obedience enthusiast. Basic obedience and household rules training are necessary and should begin as early as possible. Harsh disciplinary measures need to be avoided. Positive reinforcement is the best method to train them.


great dog, low maintenance, laugh everyday, family dog, character


health problems, poor breathing, joint issues, loud noises, awful gas


recreated breed, capable watchdog, healthier english bulldogor

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