Old Danish Pointer

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Other name(s): Gammel Dansk Hønsehund, Bakhounds, Old Danish Pointing Dog, Old Danish Bird Dog

The basics:
The Old Danish Pointer is a bird dog developed in the early 1700s to track, point, flush, and retrieve upland gamebirds. Although any hunter can recognize this breed as a pointer at a glance, it's worth mentioning that Danish breeders try to focus on the working qualities of this dog, rather than just its classic appearance. Eager to please, they bond tightly with their human hunting companion. They are also highly regarded for being affectionate. They fit right into the active, outdoorsy family, but they won't be happy in a tiny apartment.

Appearance / health:
The Gammel Dansk Hoensehund is a medium-sized dog with a body that is slightly longer than it is tall. Its head is broad and features a muzzle that is long and somewhat blunt. The eyes are of medium size and obliquely set. The ears are broad at its base with rounded tips and normally drooping. The neck is broad, muscular and moderately long. The legs are straight and well muscled. The tail is not very long and tapers to a point. A unique thing about the breed is that the female is much smaller and lighter than the male.

The breed requires regular brushing to help keep its coat clean and healthy.

The Gammel Dansk Hoensehund requires regular exercise. Vigorous play sessions and long walks need to be done on a regular basis.

The Gammel Dansk Hoensehund has generally been found to be a very healthy breed.

Behavior / temperament:
The Gammel Dansk Hoensehund is a family-oriented dog and enjoys a quiet and pleasant stay indoors in the company of its family.

The breed responds well to obedience training. Positive reinforcement methods may be more effective in training dogs of this breed.

The breed is quiet by nature.

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