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Species group:

Other name(s): Norsk Buhund; Buhund

The basics:
The remains of the ancestors of the Spitz-type Norwegian Buhund have been found in a Viking grave dated to the year 900 AD. When they weren't swashbuckling with the Vikings, this breed was being developed as a farm dog that could herd livestock and act as a watchdog to protect home and family. Like most herding dogs, they needed to be intelligent, hardy, and capable of independent thought. As a result, these confident dogs expect to be admired and respected-- and given something useful or fun to do to burn off their energy. No couch potatoes need apply.

Appearance / health:
The Norwegian Buhund belongs to a class of dogs called the "Spitz type" and share the classic Spitz characteristics. They are medium- sized dogs with a wolfish face, pricked-up ears and a curled tail.

The Norwegian Buhund sheds heavily, especially during the usual seasons. Surprisingly and happily, the fur does not mat or tangle. Regular brushing keeps them clean and removes dead hair.

The Buhund is a working dog and requires a lot of exercise. A regular brisk walk or jog is essential for proper mental and physical development of the breed.

The Buhund is prone to genetic hip and eye problems.

Behavior / temperament:
Norwegian Buhunds are versatile working dogs (historically,they hunted bear and wolf) and excellent competition dogs. They are good watch dogs as they are brave and vocal but not aggressive. They do not bite or snap unless provoked. They are standoffish and need to be thoroughly socialized to prevent them from being too suspicious of strangers.

Norwegian Buhunds are eager to please their owners. They need lot of mental and physical exercise to expend their energy. They are energetic, intelligent, self-confident, and independent. The Norwegian Buhund is a people dog; friendly and affectionate toward family members and polite with strangers. However, their Spitz independence is an asset and will be fine if they have to be left alone for awhile.

Buhunds are commonly trained to aid the hearing handicapped, and perform certain aspects of police work. They score well in obedience and agility trials. Some are still used to work with livestock. They are vigilant guards of the home and family property. The Buhund is considered by many experts to be the easiest of the Spitz breeds to train due to their quick learning ability and innate desire to please.

They may tend to bark somewhat more readily than most breeds. This probably derives from their herding background when vocal ability would be an asset.


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bark, small animals, barking

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