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The basics:
The earliest Bull Terriers bred in early 19th century England came in a wide range of sizes -- Toys (four to seven pounds), Medium/Miniatures (15 to 16 pounds), and standard Bull Terriers weighing up to 80 pounds. While the Toys fell into disfavor, the Miniature won attention as an easy-to-handle, lightweight alternative to the full-sized version. The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized the Miniature Bull Terrier as its own breed in 1991.

Like other terriers, the Miniature Bull Terrier can be a bundle of energy, but its size makes it more practical for many active families. These dogs delight in play and doing things with their people. However, a bored Miniature Bull Terrier is likely to turn its energy and sense of mischief into creating trouble.

Appearance / health:
The Miniature Bull Terrier is very much like the Standard Bull Terrier in appearance but smaller. They are small, squarish, muscular dogs. The egg-shaped head that is almost flat from the nose to the eyebrow is a characteristic feature of the breed. Eyes are small, dark, well sunken, and triangular. The tail is short and is carried almost horizontally.

Miniature Bull Terriers do not need much grooming. They are average shedders and shed twice a year. Occasional combing and brushing is done to remove any dead hair. A wet towel can be used to clean the coat.

They require moderate amount of exercise every day. A walk or a jog is important to keep them healthy and happy.

Miniature Bull Terriers are prone to deafness. Many also suffer from skin allergies caused by flea and insect bites or food. Bloating is common. A few are prone to zinc deficiency, which can be fatal.

Behavior / temperament:
They can be destructive at times either by chewing or biting objects in the house. Always eager to please, they cannot live without their owners. They rarely fail to wag their tails or slobber their owner with kisses when they see them. They do not make the best of guard dogs, as they are too independent-minded and friendly with people most of the times. They demonstrate their terrier personality from time to time by digging up the yard or chasing smaller animals. Sometimes, they may willfully disobey their masters to follow their own instincts.

They have an average learning rate. Miniature Bulls are self-willed, obstinate, and manipulative. Training needs to be firm, consistent, and engaging. They also have strong protective instincts and tend to be suspicious towards people. Early socialization is necessary.

Most Miniature Bull Terriers do not bark without a reason.

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