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McNab Cattle Dog

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Species group: Herding Group dogs

Other name(s): McNab; McNab Shepherd; McNab Sheepdog; McNab Border Collie; McNab Herding Dog

The basics:
The McNab Cattle Dog is a herding dog developed in 1880s Mendocino, California by Scottish sheep rancher Alexander McNab, who wanted to create a herding dog which could both head and heel sheep and cattle. While they are not recognized by leading kennel clubs like the American Kennel Club (AKC), they are becoming better known as a good choice for a sheep dog that isn't necessarily as sensitive as the Border Collie.

Appearance / health:
Bred to perform a job rather than to conform to a certain look, the McNab Cattle Dog can vary in its appearance, but it's likely to remind you of a smooth-coated Border Collie.

Behavior / temperament:
The McNab is said to be less high strung or obsessive than the Border Collie, not as excitable as the Kelpie, and not as strong minded as the Australian Cattle Dog. A well-trained McNab might offer the best of the herding talents, with fewer of the hassles. But you still need to be realistic. This is a working dog who wants to have something worthwhile or interesting to do. 

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