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Other name(s): Manchesters

The basics:
According to the American Manchester Terrier Club (AMTC), the Manchester Terrier was developed in the 1800s to produce a sleek and powerful animal for hunting rats and mice-- a talent which made it a popular family pet in the Victorian era. Like other terriers, this breed is for owners who know how to train and socialize a strong-minded and perhaps sensitive dog with positive reinforcement-- a tricky matter if you use a food reward, since this breed also can become obese if overfed and under-exercised.

If you want to show your dog, you will want to pay attention to your country's kennel club rules. The American Kennel Club (AKC) registers Toy and Standard Manchester Terriers as the same breed that vary in size and the shape of the ears.

Appearance / health:
Manchester Terriers are small, black, dogs with distinctive rich mahogany markings and a taper style tail. They have a wedge-shaped, long, and clean head with a keen, bright, alert expression. The almond shaped black eyes are small, bright, and sparkling. The eyes neither protrude nor sink in the skull. Acceptable ear types for Standard variety Manchester Terriers include the naturally erect ear, the cropped ear, or the button ear. The muzzle and skull are equal in length. The underjaw is full and well defined and the nose is black. The legs are straight with compact, well-arched feet.

For show purposes, the American Kennel Club (AKC) has suggested classifying Standard variety Manchester Terriers according to weight as follows: American-bred for dogs weighing over 12 pounds and not exceeding 16 pounds, and Open Class for dogs weighing over 16 pounds and not exceeding 22 pounds. According to the AKC, Toy variety Manchester Terriers are classified by weight as follows: American-bred for dogs weighing 7 pounds and under, and Open Class for dogs weighing over 7 pounds and not exceeding 12 pounds.

Most Manchester Terriers only "blow coat" twice a year (spring and fall). Weekly brushing with a bristle brush helps to remove dead hair and keeps the coat glossy and shiny.

Standard variety Manchester Terriers require a moderate amount of exercise. Daily exercise of 30 minutes to 1 hour is sufficient for these dogs.

Manchester Terriers may suffer from thyroid disorders and eye problems. Some are prone to a bleeding disorder called Von Willebrand's disease.

Behavior / temperament:
Manchester Terriers are relatively easy to housebreak. They love to rest in their owner's lap, and are excellent companions to the elderly. Some Manchesters are excessive barkers. They are protective by nature and may appear aloof to the stranger.

Training a Manchester Terrier is not as difficult as training some other terrier breeds. However, its stubborn terrier nature may make it difficult for the inexperienced trainer. Early socialization and obedience training brings out the best in them.

Most Manchester Terriers do not bark excessively. However, some dogs may be noisy. Early socialization is necessary to help prevent excessive barking.


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