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Species group:

Other name(s): Longdogs; Deerhound Lurcher; Whirrier

The basics:
The Lurcher is a type of crossbred dog, generally a cross between a sighthound such as a Greyhound, and a working dog, such as a Collie, Whippet, or Terrier. Lurchers which are the result of a cross of two sighthounds (such as a Greyhound and Deerhound) are a subgroup called "Longdogs"; and those which are a cross between a Sighthound and a working dog are called "Whirriers".

These classic poacher's dogs were not mere "designer dogs" developed on a whim. In the Middle Ages, the Lurcher was bred in Ireland and Great Britain by Irish travelers who used the dogs for poaching rabbits, hare, deer, badgers, and foxes. In those times it was illegal for peasants to own a pure sighthound such as a Greyhound. Greyhounds and other fast breeds were only allowed to be owned by the nobility and, if a peasant was found with one, the dog would be "deactivated" by having some of its toes cut off. The commoners needed dogs which didn't look like Greyhounds but could still catch prey, and thus the Lurcher was created.

While we certainly can't condone poaching, there's no doubt that these dogs had to be bred for some superior traits-- including speed, scenting ability, intelligence, and determination. As a result, today they can be a top-notch choice for the legal hunter.

Appearance / health:
Because Lurchers are a crossbreed there is no set appearance. they can be as small as a whippet or as large as a deerhound; but most are chosen for a size similar to that of a greyhound, and a distinct sighthound form is preferred.

Behavior / temperament:
All mixed-breeds are individuals, and Lurchers can be more variable than most. However, as a general rule, expect a Lurcher to be a good outdoor dog that loves to roam and hunt with you. These dogs are athletes, not couch potatoes.


friendliest dog, affectionate dogs, little maintenance


dog proof boundaries, large open space, rabbit, massive separation anxiety


great variety, inquisitive dog, professional obedience classes, ancient type, good sprint

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