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Is the Landseer right for you?

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The basics:
The Landseer (European Continental Type) breed's origins can be traced back to the Newfoundland, a big bear of a gentle giant renowned for its sweetness. The Landseer is a white-and-black variant of that breed, developed mostly in Europe and named after the famous painter Sir Edwin Landseer who so often painted them.

While many kennel clubs do consider the Landseer to be simply a black-and-white Newfoundland, the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) recognizes it as a separate breed.

Appearance / health:
The Landseer is a tall, powerful dog. The legs are longer than that of a Newfoundland Dog. It has a wide muzzle that is rather short and squared-off. Its small triangular ears hang by the sides of its head. It has small dark brown eyes. The feet are webbed. The tail is covered with bushy hair and hangs downwards when the dog is standing.

The Landseer does not need elaborate grooming. Daily to weekly brushing with a hard brush is sufficient to keep the coat in good condition. Bathing is done only when necessary.

Landseers require daily exercise to stay fit and healthy. In addition to walks and jogs, owners should provide their dogs with opportunities to run around in a yard and swim.

The breed is prone to hip dysplasia (abnormal hip formation) and heart disease.

Behavior / temperament:
Several old accounts record the legendary bravery and devotion of Landseer dogs. They are excellent in water, and make good rescue dogs. These dogs are known to thrive in human company. If separated from their masters for too long, they tend to develop separation anxiety.

Though its large size and deep bark is sufficient to deter most intruders, the Landseer is not suitable as a guard dog. They tend to be sweet and tolerant.

Training the breed requires much patience, persistence, and consistency.

They are usually not noisy.


water Landseers, children, beautiful dogs, gentle giants, quick learner


sad eyes, big paws, obedience training

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