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Other name(s): Romagna Water Dog; Lagotto

The basics:
The Lagotto Romagnolo (Romagna Water Dog) is an ancient breed originally developed to retrieve waterfowl from the lowlands and marshes of Italy. When the marshes were drained for farmland and the waterfowl hunting collapsed, the dogs were repurposed to find truffles. Today they are the only purebred dog in the world recognized as a specialized truffle searcher. However, they remain little-known outside their home country. The breed wasn't recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) until 2016, although it's believed this curly-coated retriever may be the original ancestor of all the water dog breeds.

Like many other retrievers, they really do want to please their human companions, and the AKC calls them both affectionate and undemanding, which might make them a good first dog for the outdoorsy person.

Appearance / health:
The Lagotto is a small to medium-sized dog with a muscular square body. The large round eyes are set fairly well apart. The color of the iris ranges from ochre to hazel and dark brown, depending on the color of the coat. The dropping ears are triangular with rounded tips. The length of the powerful neck is less than the total length of the head. The back is straight and muscular. The chest is well developed reaching down to the elbows. The tail is set on neither too high nor too low, and tapers to the end.

The coat and the undercoat are waterproof. The breed does not shed but requires clipping at least once a year. Complete clipping prevents matt formation. Combing is done occasionally.

Daily walks and short jogs are sufficient to keep the Lagotto healthy and happy. Lagottos love to hike and swim. Owners may provide their dogs with a small children's pool if access to swimming is not easily available.

Lagottos are a healthy breed living well up to their teens. Hip dysplasia, a condition characterized by abnormal hip formation, is rare.

Behavior / temperament:
Lagottos are naturally curious and possess a natural gift for searching. With their keen sense of smell, they are efficient truffle searchers. The hunting instinct is almost absent and Lagottos cannot be easily distracted from their work by the scent of game. Many Lagottos relatively inactive at home though they relish a trip outdoors. They may bark at the sight of anything strange in their territory. Some Lagottos like to dig large holes.

Lagottos have a high learning rate and are easy to train. Early socialization and obedience training help to produce a wonderful pet.

They are not very noisy.


allergy sufferers, amazing family pets.Luc, great dogs


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Lagotto Romagnolo

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