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Is the Kromfohrlander right for you?

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The basics:
According to the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Kromfohrlander Club of America, this new breed is "the only breed of dog descended from a beloved US military troop mascot." Peter, the foundation dog, was a Griffin mix brought from France to Germany during World War II by US ground troops and then lost. Ilsa Schleifenbaum, the woman who found him, was inspired to develop the charming Kromfohrlander breed. As the story might suggest, this breed isn't just eye-catching-- it's social and adaptable, qualities that make a fine family pet.

Appearance / health:
Kromfohrlanders have a strong muscular body. The skin is taut and the neck is lightly arched. The eyes are dark brown in color and ears are triangular with rounded tips set high on the sides. The breed has a broad muzzle tapering down to the tip of the nose. The Kromfohrlander's body is slightly longer than its height. Its chest is moderately broad and deep, and the belly is well developed and tucked into the loins. The tail is of medium length and slightly curved.

The coat is abrasive and quite immune to filth and dirt. The coat is kept clean with regular combing and brushing. Bathing is done only when necessary.

Kromfohrlanders require a moderate amount of exercise in the form of a brisk walk or a jog every day.

The Kromfohrlander is generally a healthy breed. However, genetic illnesses such as gray cataract and epilepsy have been reported in this breed. An eye test in the first year helps to rule out these complications; the tests may be repeated every two years.

Behavior / temperament:
The Kromfohrlander is a bouncy and lively dog. It loves to play and makes a good watchdog.

These dogs are quick learners and love to please their masters.

The Kromfohrlander does not bark excessively. A tendency to be noisy can be usually cured by early training.

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