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Other name(s): Jindo; Chindo; Korean Jindo Dog

The basics:
The Korean Jindo Dog is a Spitz-type hunting dog that originated in Korea. Jindos are said to owe their descent to Mongolian battle dogs that remained on Jindo Island in Southwest Korea after the Mongol invasion of Korea during the thirteenth century. The highly dominant temperament of the Jindo could be due to the fact that this breed developed in the wild without human intervention, as only the most dominant dogs passed on their genes.

This dog is not right for novice or irresponsible dog owners. Know how to establish yourself as the pack leader. These dogs were developed to take down large prey like wild boars. An abused or improperly socialized dog may be dangerous, and many Jindos may find it difficult to resist chasing after other animals.

Although rare outside its homeland, the breed is well-known in Korea for its firm loyalty to its master. It is also valued for its unique hunting style, which includes bringing down game and returning to lead the master to it.

Appearance / health:
The Jindo is a medium-sized, robust dog that is agile in movement. It has a lean body, capable of running long distances effortlessly. Its ears are pointed. The tail may be of two types: 'ring,' which is rolled on the back, and 'erect,' which is held straight up. The eyes of the Jindo are nut-shaped and yellowish brown, with clear pupils. Dogs with reddish eyes are believed to make better hunters. The Jindo has a friendly and energetic expression.

The Jindo has a double coat. This breed sheds heavily twice a year, during which time it may require more frequent grooming. Daily brushing helps to remove the undercoat. Warm baths may also help achieve this. Jindos are said to groom themselves like cats to keep themselves clean.

Jindos need a good amount of exercise. Besides, these dogs also love to wander and explore their territory. Brisk walks, along with the opportunity to run off the leash, may suffice to keep the Jindo healthy.

The Jindo is a relatively healthy dog. Hypothyroidism, a condition caused by inadequate production of the thyroid hormone by the thyroid gland, often occurs in this breed.

Behavior / temperament:
The Jindo's highly evolved sense of direction enables it to trail prey over long distances. This breed was originally bred for hunting game ranging from small rodents to deer. Jindos are independent and possess a strong will. They are free-spirited and have a tendency to wander. They are excellent watchdogs that are known to guard the home and family to the death if necessary.

Jindos are very clean dogs that are very easy to housetrain. They respond best to gentle, consistent handling. An owner may need to assert dominance to receive this dog’s complete loyalty and obedience.

The Jindo does not bark without reason.


extremely loyal breed, great guard dog, incredible guardwatch dog, experienced dog owners


pack leader, aggressive dogs, high food drive


socializa, low bark threshold, stout sturdy body, socialization training, largely undomesticated past

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Korean Jindo

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