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Other name(s): SM; Small Munsterlander Pointer; Kleiner Münsterländer; Kleiner Münsterländer Vorstehhund

The basics:
According to the Small Munsterlander Club of America (SMCNA), the Small Munsterlander was a rare breed until the 1800s when emerging hunting opportunities for Germany's common people encouraged them to seek out a versatile hunting dog that could pursue a variety of game bird and animals. This intelligent animal, originally developed by aristocrats to flush game for hunting falcons, turned out to be an excellent choice. Even today, because of their value to hunters, they rarely appear in the hands of non-hunting pet owners.

Appearance / health:
Small Munsterlanders resemble Springer Spaniels in appearance. They are small-sized muscular dogs. The head is long and slightly rounded with dark brown eyes. The ears are flat and broad. The body is covered with a double coat with feathering on legs and tail.

Small Munsterlanders are low shedders and require little grooming. A weekly combing or brushing is sufficient to stimulate coat growth and remove dead hair. Bathing may be required once in a month. Standard care is needed for eyes, ears, pads, and nails.

Small Munsterlanders need lot of exercise. It is important to provide them with sufficient physical exercise or they get bored and resort to destructive activities. The best exercise is hunting. They also make good jogging companion. Enrolling them in obedience, agility, and tracking class is a good option to help them vent their energy.

Small Munsterlanders suffer very little health problems. However, they are prone to hereditary cataracts (opacity of capsule or lens of eye causing impairment of vision or blindness) and hip dysplasia (a hereditary disease that may eventually cause crippling lameness and arthritis of joints).

Behavior / temperament:
Small Munsterlanders are intelligent and sociable and make affectionate pets while retaining their hunter-pointer-retriever traits. They love human company and would not like to be left alone for long duration.

Small Munsterlanders are very intelligent and trainable. They are quick to learn commands but may be stubborn sometimes. Training needs to be firm and consistent to establish a sense of authority. Harsh punishment can be avoided.

Attention needs to be paid when they bark as Munsterlanders do not bark without a reason.


health, good upland dogs, Great pointer, beautiful dog


separation anxieties


Small Munsterlander Club, favorite person, big green eyes, brown short hair, natural born hunter

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Kleiner Munsterlander

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