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The basics:
The national dog of the Republic of Ireland, the Kerry Blue Terrier is thought to have been developed by the peasants of Ireland, who were denied the right to own the Irish Wolfhounds bred by nobility. The legend says the blue coat comes from a dog that swam ashore from a shipwreck in ancient times. Able to hunt silently both on land and water, these terriers became versatile dogs that could hunt small game and birds or herd sheep and cattle.

As a result of this heritage, the Kerry Blue is an energetic dog that expects to perform high-energy tasks with its family. Left alone and bored, this dog will find trouble. They may not be able to resist giving chase to small pets, so they probably do best in the single pet home.

Many terriers require reward-based training, and the Kerry Blue can be particularly challenging for the first time dog owner. They can be sensitive, and you don't want to lose your dog's trust, but they can also take advantage if you're not capable of establishing yourself as the alpha.

Appearance / health:
Kerry Blue Terriers are muscular dogs that display typical terrier characteristics. The eyes are dark and small. The V-shaped ears are small and of moderate thickness. The skull is flat with a slight stop. The neck is long and gradually widens to the shoulders. The nose is black with wide nostrils. The chest is deep and of moderate breadth. The tail is of moderate length and set on high.

The Kerry Blue Terrier does not shed and can be tolerated by many people with pet allergies. However, weekly brushing is still required to prevent the coat from matting. They do not have any odor. Frequent bathing and cleaning may be required to keep their coats clean.

Daily jogs, walks, and agility training are sufficient to keep the dog healthy and happy. The owner may provide the dog with a small children's pool or take the dog out for swimming.

Spiculosis, a skin disorder characterized by abnormally thick hairs, is common in Kerries and may cause pain. They may also suffer from cysts on the skin, which may lead to infections. A nerve disorder called progressive neuronal abiotrophy affects the dog's gait, causing lameness in these dogs. This condition is inherited, progressive, and untreatable. Luxating patellas (dislocation of the kneecap) occurs in some dogs. Ear infections, eye problems, corns, and thyroid disorders may occur in these dogs. Hip dysplasia or abnormal hip formation is not common but may affect few dogs.

Behavior / temperament:
Kerry Blue Terriers are born diggers, and if left unsupervised, are capable of destroying the owner's garden. They are happiest in the company of their owners. When left alone for long periods, these dogs tend to be destructive. Hunting comes naturally to the Kerries who love chasing smaller animals and be excellent vermin killers. Some Kerries tend to herd other animals even if they are not trained to do the job. They have great endurance and stamina.

Owners need to be firm, patient, and kind when training these dogs. Early socialization and obedience training can work wonders with Kerry Blue Terriers. The training lessons need to be short and engaging enough.

They are not very noisy though they tend to "talk."


entertaining dog, gorgeous dogs, great guard, wonderful dog


strong stubborn streak, barking habits, aggressive hunting instinct, puppy chewing stage

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Kerry Blue Terrier

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