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Other name(s): Nihon Supittsu

The basics:
The Japanese Spitz is a beautiful little dog that looks like nothing so much as an arctic white mini-Siberian Samoyed. Although it enjoyed a period of popularity in Japan during the 1950s, it didn't really become known in the west until the 1980s, and you may still have to invest some time seeking out this particular breed. This dog may have a personality as unique as its looks. One breeder has described the Japanese Spitz as a breed that approaches humans for companionship on an equal basis, rather than on the basis of submission. Be able to provide loving guidance to a spirited dog that demands kind, consistent training.

Like other Spitz dogs, this breed is clearly adapted to colder climates, and it may not be happy in a very hot climate.

Appearance / health:
The ears of the Japanese Spitz are small and pointed upright. It has a slightly tapering muzzle. It has large oval eyes that are dark and slanted slightly, while the nose and lips are black. The face of the Japanese Spitz is wedge-shaped. It has thick feathering on the feet.

The coat of the Japanese Spitz requires regular combing and brushing. This breed may be bathed only when needed. When the dog is shedding, a comb with a double row of metal teeth serves to remove loose hairs from the under-layer. The texture of the outer coat is such that it allows mud and dirt to slide off from the coat as it dries. This breed lacks a typically doggy odor.

This breed requires a moderate amount of exercise. A long daily walk, along with the chance to run off the lead in a safe area, if possible, may be adequate.

This is a healthy breed that has few genetic problems. It commonly suffers patellar luxation (slipping patella), a condition which breeders are trying to eliminate from the breed. They may also suffer from runny eyes, caused by small tear ducts, as an allergic reaction to long grass, or due to stress.

Behavior / temperament:
The Japanese Spitz is a spirited, intelligent, and playful dog. It makes an alert watchdog that is a tough little house protector and guardian. They are watchful dogs that are aware of things happening around them. They are as happy romping in a yard, as they are to cuddle up with their master and watch TV. This dog has the ability to fit into almost every lifestyle.

The Japanese Spitz is easy to train and responds to early and consistent training. This breed quickly learns games such catching balls or Frisbees. These dogs require a trainer who can impress upon them that he is the 'boss.'

These dogs may bark compulsively. They also bark to warn the owner of the approach of strangers.


mannered dog, active dog, Perfect Farm Dog, perfect dog, Older children


separation anxieties, inflated purchase prices, Csection births, groomer, barking, hot climate


positive reinforcements

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