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Is the Jagdterrier right for you?

Species group:

Other name(s): Deutscher Jagdterrier; German Hunt Terrier; German Jagdterrier

The basics:
The Jagdterrier is a working terrier from Germany which hunts game, both above and below the ground-- including wild boar, badger, fox, and weasel. It can present some challenges to trainers and has been slow to catch on worldwide, although the American Kennel Club started recording the breed in its Foundation Stock Service in 2014.

The expert hunter will discover that the tenacity and spirit of a well-trained Jagdterrier can make it a fine choice for a hunting companion. If you are not a hunter, you need to be willing to engage in other interesting outdoor activities to channel your dog's energy. This is not an apartment pet or a lapdog.

Appearance / health:
The German Hunt Terrier has a square build. It has a deep and narrow chest that allows the dog to enter dens easily. Its legs stand proportionate to the rest of the body. The tail is set fairly high and straight, and though cropped, enough of it remains to enable the hunter needs to pull it out from a den. Departures from the standard that are likely to affect the breed’s ability to function as an earth dog are penalized proportionately to the extent of deviation. Scars, the result of wounds, are not considered faults and are not penalized.

German Hunt Terriers require little grooming. Occasional bathing and brushing will usually keep their coats in good shape. The teeth may need to be inspected on a regular basis.

These are hunting and sporting dogs that display a high activity level and require a good amount of exercise.

The breed is prone to dental problems. Otherwise, it is a rather hardy breed.

Behavior / temperament:
German Hunt Terriers are highly intelligent, alert, and athletic dogs. They have a high level of energy and require work to do, in order to expend it. They make vigilant guard dogs. They tend to be one-man dogs.

Firm training is required in the case of this breed. These dogs are known to obey only their owners. However, they are quick-witted and adapt readily to new conditions. These dogs learn best if they are trained early in life.

They tend to be yappy at times


experienced dog owners, amazing hunting dogs, remarkably stout, large farm


shedding, huge backyard, ample space, hunting instinct, apartment


runner, wild boars, curious animal, foxes

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