Irish Red and White Setter

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The basics:
The Irish Red and White Setter, one of the most common Irish breeds in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, was eventually overshadowed by the overwhelming popularity of its solid red cousin, the famous Irish Setter. In the 1920s breeders set out to rescue the breed from extinction, succeeding so well that in 2009 the Irish Red and White Setter received recognition in the US by the American Kennel Club. This high-spirited, high energy dog is right for the active owner, but the AKC warns that they can be "a real handful" if allowed to become bored. Like many other fine hunting dogs, they are not going to be happy confined to a small apartment.

Appearance / health:
Bred primarily for the field, the Irish Red and White Setter should be strong and athletic, and have a keen and intelligent attitude. Their base color is white with islands of red. They are a strong, powerful, and athletic dog. The skull is domed. The stop is prominent. The long muzzle is clean and square. The neck is moderately long and muscular. The chest is deep with well-sprung ribs. The medium-sized tail tapers to a fine point, and is well feathered.

They are average shedders. Brushing and combing is necessary on a weekly basis to prevent the coat from matting. Bathing and shampooing is done when necessary.

Irish Red and White Setters require a lot of exercise. Adult dogs require ample to space to run freely. An hour or more of outdoor exercise consisting of running and jogging keeps the dog healthy and happy.

Eye and thyroid problems may occur in some dogs. Some dogs may suffer from dysplasia of the elbow or hip. Dysplasia is a health condition characterized by abnormal formation of certain parts of the body.

Behavior / temperament:
Irish Red and White Setters are extremely energetic and require good amounts of training, exercise, and socialization. When kept alone for long hour with nothing to do, some dogs may exhibit destructive behaviour such as excessive barking. They do not make good guard dogs owing to their friendly nature. Initially, strangers may find them reserved. They are not for people who do not understand them or those who do not have the time to cater to their busy enthusiastic natures.

They are fast learners. However, they may take longer to train than other gundogs. Patient and kind training is necessary. Early training and socialization are extremely important to prevent behavioral problems in dogs.

Some Irish Red and White Setters bark a lot out of boredom.

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