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Is the Greyhound right for you?

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The basics:
Arguably the fastest breed of dog, the Greyhound is a tall, impressive hound that has seen a rise in popularity as a result of programs allowing families to adopt retired racing dogs. Perhaps to the surprise of many, this leggy dog requires less space and exercise than many breeds, since it was developed to sprint rather than to run and work at high speed all day. These dogs tend to be quiet, intelligent, and loyal, happy to kick back at home with their favorite humans.

Some people have used the term "catlike," because Greyhounds can be quite relaxed and enjoy snoozing at your feet when they're not actually sprinting. In fact, they are famous for sleeping long hours every day. However, they are sensitive and aware of tension in the home. A high energy family where people often raise their voices is not the ideal for this breed.

Appearance / health:
The long and narrow head is wide between the ears with a long muzzle and a barely perceptible stop. The ears are small and fine in texture, thrown back and folded, except when excited, when they are semi-pricked. The neck is long and muscular. The back is muscular and broad. The chest is deep. The tail is long, fine, and tapers with a fine curve.

Some Greyhounds shed a considerable amount, others hardly at all. Greyhounds are very clean and do not require a lot of grooming.

An adult greyhound will stay healthy and happy with a daily walk of as little as 20 to 30 minutes. At least once every week, owners may take their dogs for a short sprint outdoors. Owners may take their dogs out for picnics, treks, drives etc.

Greyhounds are prone to bloat or torsion, a life threating disease caused by excessive gas. Greyhounds are very sensitive to certain medications, including anesthesia. Thyroid problems and flea allergic dermatitis may occur. They can get inflamed or even ulcerate. Several Greyhounds are prone to tick-borne diseases.

Behavior / temperament:
Greyhounds are gentle and affectionate, quiet and clean, adaptable and intelligent, and thrive on attention and human companionship. While a period of transition is required when first brought into a home, most adapt very quickly to their new life. Many can be quite shy and reserved, especially when first introduced to their new environment, but with time and patience, this is usually overcome. This is a dog that takes their retirement very seriously, and they truly are couch potatoes for the most part.

Greyhounds are one of the fastest dog breeds, and are capable of clocking 45 miles per hour in short bursts of energy though their average speed is around 30 miles per hour. Although greyhounds are extremely fast, they are not high-energy dogs. Their talents include sighting and coursing. Some ex-racers love to run though most Greyhounds are inactive indoors, preferring to sleep.

They are naturally inclined to chase small animals such as squirrels. Hence, owners need to fence their yards and keep them on a leash when outside to prevent them from attacking other animals, including smaller dogs. Their weak territorial instincts make them a poor choice as guard dogs. The typical Greyhound has a quick reaction time, and is likely to bark or bolt when startled.

Short training sessions that are able to utilize the Greyhound's interests and abilities are effective. Training needs to be patient, firm, and understanding. Harsh training methods are unlikely to work, and may produce long-lasting negative effects. Early socialization with a variety of situations and people will prevent excessive shyness or aggressiveness in the dog. They are not very noisy.


prancy muscular body, affectionate dogs, tolerant patient natures, gentle loving breed, calm


expensive vet bills, finnicky eater, high prey drive, condition called pannus, warm draught-free room


Greyhound Rescue groups, Couch potato, Ignores little children, old racing dogs, retired racer

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