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The basics:
The Gordon Setter is a fine black and tan setter-- a hunting dog bred to sniff out game and point it out. This intelligent, eager-to-please dog makes a fine hunting companion, but it also enjoys other outdoorsy exercise with its owner like jogging, hiking, or biking. They are said to learn very quickly and to remember what they learn for a long time, so the ideal owners knows how to train them with kindness and mutual respect to avoid hurting the feelings of this intense dog.

Appearance / health:
The Gordon Setter has a robust body. The head is long and chiseled with a pronounced stop and a black nose with large nostrils. The long muzzle is not pointed. The Gordon Setter has long, drooping ears that hang flat beside that head. The oval eyes are dark brown. The topline slopes gently from the withers. The deep chest reaches the elbows, but is not too broad. The well-feathered tail is thick at the root, and carried nearly horizontal. The front legs are large-boned and straight and it has cat-like feet with arched toes.

This breed is an average shedder. Weekly combing and brushing of the coat helps to keep it in good condition. It is important to check for burrs and tangles. Extra care may be required when the dog is shedding. The Gordon Setter is bathed only when necessary. Hair on the paws may need trimming and the nails may need clipping.

Gordon Setters need a good amount of exercise. This may include a brisk walk and, if possible, running free in the safety of a fenced yard.

Usually Gordon Setters enjoy excellent health though some specimens are affected by hip dysplasia (joint deformation leading to lameness). Eye diseases such as progressive retinal atrophy and cataracts are also common. Gordon Setters are also prone to bloat.

Behavior / temperament:
The Gordon Setter is an intelligent and willing worker and rarely makes a mistake with scents. It is fond of the outdoors and loves to roam. This breed can have a mind of its own. It may get restless if not adequately exercised.

The Gordon Setter is not as fast as other hunting dogs, but has good stamina, and can hunt in adverse conditions on both land and water. It is a reliable hunter and bird dog, and makes a fine one-man shooting dog.

Gordon Setters can be easily trained. They respond to a trainer who is firm, loving, and consistent.

Gordons tend to talk using a variety of sounds but are not noisy.


intelligent, Agility, trainable, bird hunters, wonderfully sweet dog


frequent brushing, stressed states, bad separation anxiety, neurotic


Field Gordon Setter, Show Gordon Setter, independent thinkers, regular exercise

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Gordon Setter

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