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Other name(s): Deutscher Pinscher

The basics:
The German Pinscher was originally developed in Germany as a farm dog expected to kill vermin as part of its duties. Slightly bigger than the Miniature Pinscher but smaller than the Doberman, this once-common breed almost vanished in the aftermath of World War II. However, breeder Werner Jung risked his ife to smuggle dogs from East into West Germany to revive the breed. Today, its existence seems secure, and it was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 2003.

Like many other breeds that started as vermin hunters, the German Pinscher is tenacious, strong-willed, and energetic. To put it plainly, many individuals are downright bossy and will try to dominate the other pets-- or even the unconfident owner. If you don't know how to manage a strong-willed and tireless animal without losing your patience or just giving up, you should choose a less challenging breed. Because of this tireless determination, they can make fine watchdogs as well as jogging companions.

Appearance / health:
The German Pinscher is a medium-sized elegant dog with a strong square build and moderate body structure. The head is shaped like a blunt wedge. The oval eyes are of medium size. The ears are set high, symmetrical, and carried erect when cropped. If uncropped, they are V-shaped with a folding pleat. The skull is flat. The long muzzle is bluntly tipped with a medium-sized, black nose. The chest is moderately wide.

The German Pinscher is an average shedder requiring very little grooming. Occasional brushing to remove dead hair is sufficient.

German Pinscher needs daily exercise. They are happiest when they can run free in a supervised fenced yard. However, owners staying in apartments can take their dogs for long walks and jogs every day.

German Pinschers are a healthy breed. Common health issues such as allergies, eye and thyroid problems may occur in some dogs.

Behavior / temperament:
With strong protective and territorial instincts, German Pinschers make good watchdogs. They have a strong tendency to bark at strangers and are capable of biting. They are natural hunters and are excellent vermin killers. They love to chase smaller animals as they have a high prey drive. German Pinschers require a strong-willed dominant owner who has the time to train and exercise them. Owners, casual about training them, may experience several behavioral problems later. Bored dogs can be destructive, and may expend their energies digging holes or chewing household objects. They love to jump when greeting family and friends.

They are fast learners who are eager to learn. Firm, consistent training is necessary for this breed. They quickly housebreak and learn the house rules. They excel in obedience and agility, with enthusiasm and intelligence.

They are not excessive barkers.


cool tricks, loving companion, quick learner, intelligent


positive reinforcements, strong food drive, keen walkers, knee height

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German Pinscher

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