German Longhaired Pointer

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Species group:

Other name(s): Deutscher Langhaariger; GLP

The basics:
The German Longhaired Pointer (GLP) was developed by combining the larger German Pointer's sharpness and ability to retrieve with the speed of the Gordon Setter. While still relatively rare outside Germany, it has been recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club and is currently being recorded by the American Kennel Club's Foundation Stock Service, a first step toward getting this sporting group breed recognized in the US. They are versatile and have been used for upland game birds as well as retrieving waterfowl.

Appearance / health:
German Longhaired Pointers are medium to large dogs with a strong muscular look. The top of the head is slightly rounded. The eyes are brown and well closed. The eyes lie close to the skull, and have hair on the inner edges. The back is straight and strong. The feathered tail is set high and carried almost straight or slightly bent upwards.

During summer, these dogs lose more than half their winter coat. They need a moderate amount of grooming about once or twice a week. Bathing and shampooing is done only when required.

German Longhaired Pointers require one to two hours of exercise a day. Owners may take them for long walks. Swimming in the presence of the owner is also a good form of exercise. Games, picnics, treks to forests, etc. keep the dog healthy and happy.

The German Longhaired Pointer enjoys good health. The ears may be prone to infections. Hip dysplasia (abnormal hip formation) may occur in some dogs.

Behavior / temperament:
German Longhaired Pointers are versatile dogs that can function as a pointing and retrieving gundog on land and water. They are determined and courageous hunters, able to ward off predators when required. Owing to their predominant hunting instinct, they are happiest looking for game and retrieving in the company of their masters. They are suited to experienced owners that have the time to train and exercise them.

They are tireless workers who enjoy working even in freezing water. They may become destructive when left alone for too long. Some German Longhaired Pointers will do anything for food.

The German Longhaired Pointer is easy to train. Early socialization and obedience training is necessary. Harsh training methods rarely work with the German Longhaired Pointer.

They are generally calm and do not bark.


pheasant hunting, family hunting dog, great combination, family dog


small animals


great babysitter, long ears

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German Longhaired Pointer

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