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Species group:

Other name(s): Frenchie; Bouledogue Français

The basics:
The French Bulldog is a highly regarded, easy-going apartment pet with a lot of personality that doesn't demand as much exercise as some higher-energy breeds. If you'd like a charming dog with some chill, this breed might be the right choice.

The Frenchie got its name because it probably developed from English Bulldogs brought to France in the 1860s and bred with French Terriers. These dogs were eventually brought back to England by fashion-forward French lacemakers. As they soared in popularity, they made their way to the US, where American breeders developed a strain with the distinctive "bat" ears we know today.

Appearance / health:
The Frenchie is a heavy-boned and muscular little dog; she is of small to medium, but compact, build. She is rather pear-shaped; the width of her shoulders should be wider than the hips. She has a head that is square and flat with a rounded forehead; her muzzle is short; upper lips are wrinkled and overhang the lower jaw; and, she has an underbite. She has a pug nose (being one of the brachycephalic breeds); her dark eyes are round and prominent; and her distinctive “bat” shaped ears sit on the corners of her skull. Her coat is smooth and her skin is loose at the throat area. Her tail naturally bobbed and is either straight or somewhat screwed.

The Frenchie requires little in the way of grooming; a regular brushing of the coat and regular attention to teeth and nails is all it takes to keep them looking beautiful.

Please do pay extra attention to their wrinkled areas. Keep the areas inside their wrinkles clean and lubricated to avoid the development of sores which can become easily infected and quite painful to the dog. Your Veterinarian can best advise you what product to use to lubricate your Frenchie’s wrinkled areas.

The Frenchie is an average, consistent, year-round shedder.

The exercise requirements of the French Bulldog are minimal. A good walk, a nice romp in the backyard, or even an extended play session inside the house will keep them exercised. The most important part of any exercise regime for a French Bulldog is to make sure, when walking or playing outdoors in warm or hot weather, he does not overheat and have a heatstroke.

The most common health issues of the French Bulldog, in no particular order, are:

  • Brachycephalic Syndrome
  • Snoring (especially when overweight)
  • Overheating/heatstroke (especially when overweight)
  • Respiratory issues, including wheezing (especially when overweight)
  • Eye problems
  • Entropion (in-turned eyelids)
  • Cherry Eye
  • Glaucoma
  • Juvenile cataracts
  • Corneal ulcers
  • Easily become overweight
  • Flatulence
  • Spinal issues
  • Skin issues
  • Elongated Soft Palate
  • Cesarean section delivery of puppies due to puppies’ large heads
  • Chondrodystrophic Dwarfism

Anyone considering sharing their life with a French Bulldog needs to be aware that you can anticipate a lot of Veterinary expense. Always purchase from a reputable breeder who has had their breeding stock certified for sound hips and eyes and who will willingly show you the parent dogs so you can see for yourself that the parents have long backs and front/back legs that are even and proportionate.

Behavior / temperament:
The Frenchie was intentionally bred to be a companion animal; they are playful, amusing and have a natural curiosity about them. They are very lovable and sweet-natured dogs and are known to have a great sense of humor. They are very devoted to their person, love to please and amuse their person(s), and require a lot of attention and companionship; depriving them of the companionship and attention they so love will create a very unhappy Frenchie. Many people consider the Frenchie to be quite child-like in their behaviors and temperament and they’ve even been known to separate themselves from their owner or family in order to go sulk when they’ve been reprimanded or believe they’ve done something wrong.

Early socialization is an important part of any Frenchie’s early training; this will go far toward preventing them from becoming too much of a one-person dog, which occasionally happens in this breed.

The Frenchie is very intrigued by scents and you’ll find him snuffling all over the house and the yard, investigating what has gone on while he was not there. For this reason, always ensure your Frenchie is well harnessed and leashed when taking him out in public so that he doesn’t have an opportunity to follow all those intriguing scents until he becomes lost. Don’t be at all surprised when he snuffles you after you’ve been out, too. He’s going to want to know where you’ve been and what you did!

Frenchies make excellent little watch dogs and will keep you alerted to what is going on outside the home.

For those of you who are more fastidious than others, it may be important to know that, while there are those that do not, many Frenchies do slobber and drool.

The Frenchie is rated high in learning rate; low in obedience; and, low in problem-solving skills.French Bulldogs can be a little hard-headed when it comes to training; however, a patient, consistent owner/trainer who uses calm but firm tones and a reward-system of training will find that the Frenchie will respond to training and will want to please such a gentle, caring owner/trainer. Using harsh training methods will almost guarantee you a Frenchie that not only will not obey, but one you will have made fearful of people, including yourself. Remember, they are very emotionally sensitive dogs.

French Bulldogs are not known to be barkers and do not have a high-pitched, “yappy” bark so often associated with small breed dogs.


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early arthritis, bad breathing problems, health issues, fart, stubborn


spinal compression issues, flat faced breed, bat ears, Great watch dog, nonaggressive pet

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