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Species group:

Other name(s): Terrier Brasileiro; Brazilian Terrier

The basics:
Fox Paulistinhas are a lively terrier developed in Brazil as a versatile hunter, ratter, watchdog, herder, and a companion dog. They're wildly popular in their home country and a part of Brazil's popular culture, where they appear in circuses and on billboards and in print advertisements. The Jack Russell and the Fox Terrier are thought to be part of their heritage, so be prepared for a bundle of energy.

Appearance / health:
The Brazilian Terrier is a medium-sized slender dog. The head appears triangular when viewed from the top. The skull is round with a flat forehead. The ears are wide apart. The nose is dark with wide nostrils. The back is well muscled. The chest is long and deep. The tail is low set and short. A chestnut marking is present above the eyes, on both sides of the muzzle, and the inside of the edge of the ears.

They do not shed much. Occasional brushing is necessary to remove any dead hair.

Brazilian Terriers love to run and chase. They need moderate amounts of exercise to stay fit. An active and tired dog is also less likely to be destructive at home.

The health issues found in Brazilian Terriers are relatively unknown. Skin allergies and eye and thyroid problems may occur. Hip dysplasia (a condition marked by badly formed hips) is a possibility.

Behavior / temperament:
Brazilian Terriers have the typical terrier personality as seen by their independent minds and strong hunting instincts. They make excellent pets on farms and can be used to hunt vermin. They may start destroying things in the owner's house if not kept active or out of boredom.

They need the constant company of their owners and families. They keep themselves busy by either chasing smaller animals or cars or by digging. They are naturally wary of strangers whose presence they immediately announce but are not very aggressive.

They have a high learning rate and can be trained to do almost anything. Early training and socialization is necessary to bring out the best from these dogs. Training needs to be firm, consistent and be able to cater to their Terrier personalities. An untrained dog could be difficult to control.

Some Brazilian Terriers may be extremely noisy though most do not bark that much.

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