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Species group:

Other name(s): Suomenpystykorva

The basics:
The national dog of Finland, the Finnish Spitz bounced back from near extinction in the 1880s to become one of Finland's most popular dogs. Developed as an alert small game hunter as well as a true companion, this furry dog loves to get out with you and tramp through the snow. Full of energy, eager to be with you, this breed doesn't tolerate being left alone with nothing to do for long hours of day.

Be aware that the Finnish Spitz is famous for yodeling-- a nice way of saying that this highly vocal dog can really make some noise. This breed is for the involved owner who loves exercising with the dog and teaching it new things. People who live in hot climates or who just want to kick back with the dog to watch TV should probably pass on this breed.

Appearance / health:
The Finnish Spitz is a dog with a fox-like appearance and a square, well-balanced body. The almond-shaped eyes are obliquely set with moderate space between them. The nose is black. The neck is well set and muscular with no excess skin below their pointed muzzles. The ears are small and erect while the plumed tail is curled.

Finnish Spitz is a wash and wear breed, which means that they require little grooming because of their self-cleaning coats. Heavy shedding takes place twice a year. Weekly brushing and combing, especially during coat change twice a year, is sufficient to remove any dead hair. The breed has no doggie odor.

They require moderate amounts of exercise. Regular walks and jogs are good for this breed. Owners may cycle with their dogs walking along.

The Finnish Spitz is a relatively healthy breed with few cases of hip dysplasia (a condition characterized by abnormal hip formation), luxating patella (kneecap dislocation), and seizures.

Behavior / temperament:
Finnish Spitzes are mischievous "barking hunting dogs" that announce the presence of every stranger entering the owner's home. Any event may trigger barking in them, which may be a nuisance to owners or their neighbors. They rarely bite. Their alertness, good hearing abilities, and protective instincts make them good watchdogs. They love to hunt and can be trained to hunt vermin such as rodents. They have tendency to wander.

Patience and firm training is extremely important early in the dog's life. Training needs to be short and engaging to prevent boredom. They are average learners.

They bark a lot.


good outside dog, absolutely BEAUTIFUL dog, hunting dog, intelligent dog, great guard dog


early socialization, Prey drive, small pets, outdoor breed, loud barking, small downtown apartment


consistent training, luxurious coat, Spitz dogs, responsible watchdog

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