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Other name(s): Fila; Brazilian Mastiff; Cão de Fila

The basics:
The Fila Brasileiro is a powerful mastiff developed in Brazil over five centuries to hunt jaguars, protect property, and herd cattle. Properly socialized, it is a highly regarded guardian dog that respects its human alpha and defends its human family. However, some owners have been known to deliberately stop the socialization after a few months, so that the animal will never be calm around outsiders. A large, lunging beast can certainly intimidate potential intruders, but it can also represent a danger to a neighborhood and thus the breed is often found on the lists of dogs banned by insurers or local law.

The Fila needs to be properly socialized throughout life by an expert who can calmly and confidently manage a strong, potentially dangerous animal. Anyone who chooses to stop the socialization early to create a more threatening animal will have a responsibiity to control the animal and to keep it from harming any strangers for the rest of the dog's life. You'd better plan on not having many visitors to your property-- and you'd better have a strong fence.

Appearance / health:
The Fila Brasileiro is a massive dog with loose skin, a compact heavy-boned rectangular body, a large square head, and a long blunt muzzle. The neck is very thick and muscular with dewlap. The eyes are almond-shaped and deep set. The ears are large, set high, and generally hang from the base by the side of the head.

The legs are straight and powerful. The body is slightly longer than it is tall. The tail is moderately long, thick at the base and tapering towards its tip, and is carried low or level with the back.

The Fila is an average shedder. A regular brushing with a firm bristle brush and a wipe with a moist cloth helps to keep the coat clean and healthy. An occasional bath is also good for the coat.

The Fila Brasileiro requires daily exercise in the form of frequent walks.

The Fila Brasileiro is generally a healthy breed but may occasionally be prone to hip and elbow dysplasia (a condition marked by abnormal formation of joints that can cause lameness), bloat, and progressive retinal atrophy (a disease wherein the retina of the eye degenerates causing blindness).

Behavior / temperament:
The Fila Brasileiro is, by nature, very aggressive with strangers, and extremely protective of its family members. When introduced properly to strangers, it is not as aggressive though it may not like being petted or stroked by them. The Fila Brasileiro has a strong prey drive and likes to chase. It has a keen sense of smell, tracking ability, and an alert disposition. Filas are not for novice owners who do not have time to train and exercise them. They develop strong bonds with their owners and develop separation anxiety when kept alone for too long.

The Fila is difficult to control and responds best to dominant trainers. Firm and obedience training from early puppy hood brings out the best results.

The Fila Brasileiro is not very noisy by nature and barks when necessary, such as an intruder or an unfamiliar person entering their territory.


personal protection breed, AMAZING guard dog, Brasileiro loves kids, great family additions, Gentle giant


stay command, Skin issues, elbow problems, proper socialization, Slobber factor, strangers


high fattyacid diet, big drooling monster

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