English Springer Spaniel

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Other name(s): Springer Spaniel; ESS

The basics:
The very name "Springer" is full of energy, and the English Springer Spaniel is an energetic-- some would even say rambunctious-- breed for athletic owners who have time to spend with their dog. Developed to hunt birds, Springers were named for their characteristic leap to flush birds from hiding.

In the 1880s, whether a Spaniel was a Springer or a Cocker was simply a matter of size, with anything over 28 pounds being classified as a Springer. By 1902, the Kennel Club (UK) recognized that they had diverged into separate breeds. This Springer is a highly regarded hunting dog that can go all day and is willing to plunge into icy water in pursuit of its prey. Because the ESS clearly enjoys working with its human companion, it can also make a superior pet for the active owner.

But there's a but. If you don't have time to exercise and work with this active breed, the dog may become clingy or destructive. Since they do enjoy splashing through water, they can also demonstrate a real talent for tracking mud through this house. The same traits that make the English Springer a superior choice for the hunter can make it a little too much for quieter households.

Appearance / health:
The English Springer Spaniel is a medium-sized sporting dog. The head is clean, refined, and strong with no trace of heaviness. The eyes are of medium size and oval in shape, set rather well apart and fairly deep in their sockets. The color of the iris harmonizes with the color of the coat, preferably dark hazel in the liver and white dogs and black or deep brown in the black and white dogs. The ears are long and droopy. The fairly broad skull is flat on top, slightly rounded at the sides and back, and of the same length as the muzzle. The neck is moderately long and muscular.

They are moderate shedders that shed continuously. Daily brushing may be necessary to keep the coat in good shape. Bathing and shampooing is done only when necessary. The ears need to be cleaned to prevent infections.

They require moderate amounts of exercise. Games, walking, and running keep the Springer in excellent shape. A tired Springer is also less likely to indulge in destructive behavior.

Some Springers can suffer from a neurological disease called fucosidosis, which affects the nervous system. Ear infections are a possibility owing to their long ears. In general, buyers should only buy puppies from responsible breeders who have tested for eye problems, hip dysplasia and diseases like fucosidosis.

Behavior / temperament:
Springers are tireless hunting dogs who love chasing smaller animals. They love to run around. Training needs to be patient and firm, taking into account the unique personalities of Springer Spaniels. Springers work best with rewards. Early socialization is extremely important with this breed. Early obedience class produces a wonderful pet and brings out the best in this breed.

They bark often though they are not that noisy.


intelligent, sweetest dogs, perfect family dogs, sociable, Joyful Springer, gentle demeanor


naughty puppy behaviour, high activity levels, toilet training issues, mental stimulation, hyperactivity


perfect hikingwalking pals, Trial Working Champions, trainable dogs, excellent swimmers, gun dog classes

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English Springer Spaniel

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