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Other name(s): Llewellyn Setter; Lawerack

The basics:
The English Setter was originally developed in England as a bird dog that crouched on its front legs to indicate the presence of game birds. Over time, breeders developed them into a breed that could point out the birds from an upright stance, but the old name remains. Often, the old instincts remain too. Find out the lineage of the English Setter in question. A good hunting dog will love to get out in the field with you and will demand a lot of exercise. It could also become a nuisance in the household that already has a pet bird.

A shorw-quality English Setter may ask you to spend more time grooming its long, silky hair, but it's likely to be a more relaxed household companion.

Appearance / health:
The English Setter is a medium-sized dog with a long lean head. The skull is oval and the muzzle is long and square. The nose is black or brown. The bright eyes are dark brown. The moderate-sized ears are set well back and low. The muscular neck is long and graceful. The chest is deep. The silky feathered tail is carried straight and level with the back.

They are average shedders. Regular brushing prevents the formation of mats and knots. Owners may need to trim their coats every six weeks. Bathing once every month is sufficient.

English Setters require a physically active owner. Adult dogs require half an hour of daily vigorous exercise in the form of running in open spaces. Owners may ride bicycles with their dogs running along on a leash. Owners with an active lifestyle are well suited to this breed.

Around 10% of English Setters are deaf in one ear (unilateral deafness) or both ears (bilateral deafness). They are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia that can lead to lameness. Dysplasia is a general term referring to abnormal formations of joints. Some other health issues are thyroid problems and allergies.

Behavior / temperament:
English Setters are born hunters that love chasing birds. They are relatively inactive indoors, preferring to sleep most of the times. However, they can be very active outdoors. They are intelligent dogs that learn to do things their own way. Unless owners remember to lock the refrigerator doors, they may find their dogs learning to open doors and choose their own food. They have a strong tendency to chew household objects. Separation anxiety occurs when the dog is kept alone for long periods. They may like to jump, especially when their owner arrives. They do not need constant attention and are simply satisfied with the owner's presence. Housebreaking is difficult with these dogs.

They are average learners. Training is difficult with this breed. Obedience training must begin early. Early socialization with different people and situations is necessary to prevent aggressiveness or timidity

They are spirited barkers. Training, socialization, and plenty of exercise may reduce their tendency to bark to some extent.


happy, great family dogs, bird dogs, sweetheart, friendly dogs


hearing test, high energy, hardwood floors, slobbery mouths, elbow dysplasia


terrible guard dogs, decent watchdog, hearing test for puppies as there is, good sized yard

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English Setter

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