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The basics:
The roots of the English Foxhound date back to the fourteenth century after overhunting had depleted the deer population, causing the aristocracy to follow hounds on horseback in pursuit of foxes. The history of this pack-hunting scenthound was been well-documented for centuries; by 1800, the Masters of Foxhounds Association had published several studbooks recording the lineages of all English Foxhounds. In addition to being used to hunt fox and other ground game, the English Foxhound was also a critical component in the development of other fine hunting breeds, including the American Foxhound and several coonhounds.

Like many other hounds, the English Foxhound is social and eager to please its people. They tend to be a little heavier and slower than the American Foxhound, but it doesn't impact their pet quality. This good-natured hound could be right for many family situations even if you don't hunt, but be certain you'll be able to provide your dog with enough active exercise.

Appearance / health:
English Foxhounds are large, athletic dogs with a characteristic brown and black coloring over white. The head is of full size without being heavy with a wide skull and long muzzle. The large ears are brown with a sweet expression. The ears lie close to the head. The neck is long with no trace of throatiness. The strong legs are straight as a post.

They are average shedders. The short coat requires grooming with a firm bristle brush at least once a week. Occasional bathing and shampooing is done.

They require high amounts of exercise. An hour of exercise that includes walks and sprints keeps them healthy and happy.

The English Foxhound is a relatively healthy breed and does not suffer from many ailments. Ear infections are common in this breed.

Overfeeding and lack of exercise may cause obesity in some dogs.

Behavior / temperament:
English Foxhounds love chasing an interesting trail, making it difficult for their owners to control them. Their stamina and endurance levels make them good hunting dogs. They can be determined and persistent on a hunt. They love to please their owners. English Foxhounds love to run and roam around. However, they may be inactive at home. They get destructive if kept in the house alone for too much time.

Training needs to be patient, kind, and engaging. Obedience class is important and normally begins early.

Like many hounds, they are spirited barkers.

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