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Other name(s): Dutch Shepherd Dog; Nederlandse Herdershonden; Hollandse Herder; Holland Shepherd

The basics:
The Dutch Shepherd (Nederlandse Herdershonden) is native to the Netherlands. Originally used as a sheepdog, Dutch farmers also used the dogs for guard work. Since the Dutch Shepherd has a similar appearance to the Belgian Malinois, some experts believe they may be the same breed. Without taking sides in the debate, we'll simply point out that any dog identified as a Dutch Shepherd will thrive on having useful work to do.

In 1898, the Nederlandse Herdershonden Club (NHC) was formed and the first Standard of Points was laid down. The United Kennel Club (UKC) recognized the breed in 1995. The popularity of the breed has grown in recent years especially in its homeland, where they are used commonly as police and guard dogs as well as companions.

Appearance / health:
The Dutch Shepherd has a muscular and powerful body. The wedge-shaped head is smooth and dry with a flat skull. The chest is deep. The muzzle is longer than the skull. The teeth are regular and strong. The slanting eyes are of a dark color. The small ears are erect. The small feet do not have dewclaws. The tail is curved.

The short and longhaired Nederlandse Herdershonden do not require a lot of grooming. Brushing and combing the dog thoroughly once a week is sufficient. The rough haired variety requires professional trimming twice a year.

They require moderate amounts of exercise. Walking, running, playing games, etc. are suitable for this breed.

No health issues specific to Dutch Shepherds are known.

Behavior / temperament:
Dutch Shepherds are busy dogs who love to work. If left alone for too long, these energetic dogs may indulge in destructive activities such as chewing. They thrive in the company of their owners and love to be with them all the time. They are excellent family protectors and very trainable as a police service dog. Their herding instincts are strong.

They have a high learning rate. If trained well, they excel in obedience work. Firm, consistent, and kind training that begins early is essential for this breed.

They are not very noisy though they may bark at strangers in their territory.


Police K9, Military Working Dogs, active breed, brindle color, constant affection


hip dysplasia


daily exercise, mile walk

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Dutch Shepherd

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Dutch Shepherd

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Dutch Shepherd

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