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Other name(s): French Mastiff; Bordeaux Mastiff; Bordeaux Bulldog

The basics:
The Dogue de Bordeaux, or French Mastiff, was developed in France by the fourteenth century to compete in dog fights, bait bulls, hunt game, herd cattle, and protect property. Developed for physical power, this muscular dog can present an intimidating appearance to strangers. Widely regarded as a courageous protector, this dog isn't considered to be naturally aggressive. But it won't be a pushover if another dog or intruder unwisely picks a fight. And if it isn't properly socialized, all bets are off with a dog this powerful. It demands a responsible, confident owner who knows how to socialize a strong-minded dog. As a result, we don't recommend this breed to timid or inexperienced dog owners.

Despite its long-time history in France, the Douge de Bordeaux wasn't recognized as a breed by the AKC until 2008.

Appearance / health:
The Dogue de Bordeaux is athletic, massively built, and lower to the ground. The head is enormous with a powerful, broad muzzle. The eyes are oval and set well apart. The face is wrinkled. The body is muscular. The tail is thick at the base and carried low.

Grooming is relatively easy. A rubber grooming mitt over the short coat once a week, to remove any loose or dead hair is all that is needed. The skin folds on the face should be cleaned regularly to stop any skin infections from starting.

Vigorous exercise is not suitable for puppies. As adults, they may require an hour of walking, sprinting, jogging to keep healthy and happy.

All big, heavy dogs are prone to hip dysplasia, a condition marked by abnormal hip formation that may cause lameness. Dogue de Bordeaux dogs may be prone to obesity, Epilepsy, thyroid problems, entropion (turning in of the eyelashes), bone cancer, and kidney disease.

Behavior / temperament:
They are extremely playful. Bored dogs may cause havoc in house by chewing up newspapers, wires, and other objects in the house. They are territorial by nature, making good patrol dogs. Though they are normally calm and gentle, their protective instincts may be seen in the face of a genuine threat. They are highly versatile in their working ability. They do not like to be left alone for long. They thrive in the company of their masters. If not properly socialized, Dogue de Bordeaux dogs can be aggressive or reserved with strangers. They may snore and drool. Inexperienced owners may find it difficult to handle this breed owing to their large size.

Dogue Bordeaux dogs benefit from basic obedience training. Early socialization with different situations and people is extremely important to produce an affectionate, gentle dog. Training must be consistent, firm, and patient. Harsh training methods will create a vicious dog.

They are not very noisy though they may bark at every stranger and unfamiliar sound or situation. Socialization and sufficient exercise may help to reduce excessive barking.


big best friend, protection factor, gentle giant, great guard dog


untrained dog, mean look


French mastiff, slow metabolism, raw feeding, large breed, muscle mass, Low energy

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Dogue de Bordeaux

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