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Species group:

Other name(s): German Hound; German Bracke; Olper Bracke; Westphalian Bracke; Brachet Allemand

The basics:
The Deutsche Bracke is a versatile scenthound developed in Westphalia, Germany. Originally bred to hunt in a pack for humans on horseback, by the 16th century the pack was able to find the prey and then call the hunter, who might or might not be mounted. These dogs can also hunt on a leash as a single animal. A dedicated sporting breed rather than a pet, the Deutsche Bracke is almost never found outside its native Germany.

Appearance / health:
The Deutsche Bracke is a medium-sized dog with a well-boned body and big, long, and stiff ears that hang down. The head has a round skull with moderately long muzzle and eyes that are medium-sized and dark brown in color. The neck is moderately long and muscular. The back is straight and well muscled. The tail is hairy, long, uniform, and drooping when relaxed.

The breed requires regular brushing to remove any dead hair.

The Deutsche Bracke requires good amounts of exercise to stay fit and healthy. Vigorous play sessions, hunting, agility, long walks, and jogs are some of the possible forms of exercise.

The Deutsche Bracke is generally a very healthy breed but may be prone to hip dysplasia (an inherent disease in which the hip joints are displaced causing crippling and lameness).

Behavior / temperament:
The Deutsche Bracke has a fine nose, and is a hunting dog. In an urban environment, these dogs may need to be kept on a leash, especially in public areas, because it won't be able to resist following its nose. Dogs of this breed are not suitable for the novice owner who does not understand its training, care, and exercise requirements.

The breed responds best to firm and patient training.

They are generally calm.

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