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Other name(s): Polish Greyhound

The basics:
The Polish Greyhound is a graceful sighthound which may date back to the 12th century. The Polish nobility prized this dog for hunting hares, foxes, deer, and even wolves. Like other European breeds, it was nearly wiped out after two World Wars, but it recovered enough to gain recognition by the Federation Cynalogique Internationale (FCI) in 1992. It may be more aggressive than other Greyhounds, but it can make a fine hunting companion and home watchdog for the right owner. Know how to socialize a sensitive yet territorial breed.

Appearance / health:
The Chart Polski is a large, muscular, lean, and strong dog. The head is strong, lean, and long. The dark eyes are almond shaped and large. The ears are of medium size, narrow and usually carried at right angles to the skull. The expression is sharp, alert, and piercing. The neck is long, muscular, and slender. The body is quite as tall as it is long, slender, and compact with a small head that has a long tapering muzzle. It sports a prominent musculature and jaws. The tail is quite long, set high and curves at its tips.

Chart Polskis require high amounts of exercise. Along with daily walks, owners may need to provide these dogs with opportunities for running. They make good companions on picnics and other outdoor activities.

The Chart Polski is generally a very healthy breed. However, it may be prone to bloat and muscular problems.

Behavior / temperament:
Chart Polskis are extremely fast sighthounds with great courage and confidence that are capable of reacting quickly and ruthlessly. They are naturally protective of their family members and territory and can be distrustful of strangers. Early socialization is necessary for this dog, and they represent far more of a behavioral challenge than the familiar Greyhound.

The Chart Polski responds best to firm, gentle, and obedience training. Harsh training may produce adverse effects. Early socialization is extremely important.

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