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The basics:
Like its famous cousin the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is one of those little dogs with a big spirit. Developed in Wales to herd animals and protect the family farm, this bold breed is friendly and fearless and probably has no idea of its real size. Like all herding dogs, they have an active mind, and it's up to you to properly channel their energy. Their guardian instinct means they probably can't resist chasing or barking if a strange animal enters their perceived territory, so you may want to consider carefully about choosing this breed if you have near neighbors with pets of their own.

The Cardigan is the more ancient breed, going back to at least 1200 AD. According to the Kennel Club (UK), this little dog was once called the Yard Dog, because its length from the tip of its nose to the tip of its tail was equivalent to the Welsh yard. However, the tailless Pembroke and the Cardigan Welsh Corgis weren't officially split into two breeds until the 1930s.

Appearance / health:
The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a small, low set dog with a body that is much longer in length than its height. However, the body is sturdy and muscular with a fox-like head and large, triangular, and erect ears. The legs are short and the neck is short. The head is small as compared to the body with a tapering muzzle and big round eyes. The tail is long and brush-like, set low, drooping and almost touching the ground.

The breed sheds twice a year. Grooming is not very demanding. Regular brushing and combing with a firm bristle brush or a slicker brush helps keep the coat clean. Occasional bathing will make the dog smell good. The ears require regular cleaning too.

A daily walk is necessary for the Cardigan Welsh Corgi to stay healthy.

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi may be prone to health problems such as progressive retinal atrophy (eye disorder in which the retina degenerates gradually to cause blindness), glaucoma (eye disorder in which the optic nerve gets damaged leading to blindness), cataracts (eye disorder in which clouding of the eye lens takes place leading to loss of vision), and obesity (abnormal accumulation of body fat) and spinal problems.

Behavior / temperament:
The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is wary of strangers but gets along well with other dogs. However, with a natural herding instinct, the breed has a tendency to herd people by nipping at their heels. Their hearing is acute, and they can distinguish between different sounds, making good watchdogs. They thrive in human company, and need to be involved in all family activities.

With a quick learning ability and high degree of intelligence, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi is easy to train. It is eager to please and obedient, and therefore responds well to obedience training. Crate training ensures the breed is properly housetrained.

Corgis can be quite noisy with its tendency to bark whenever it is alarmed. Some dogs may bark of out sheer boredom. With correct training, this tendency can be reduced.


gosh darn cute, wonderful family pet, cheery little clowns, quick learners, sweet disposition


persistant barking, mental stimulation, insatiable chaser, herding fool, hardheadedness


short little legs, erect ears, big dog personality, boundless energy, Agility training

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Cardigan Welsh Corgi

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