Bavarian Mountain Hound

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Other name(s): Bavarian Mountain Scenthound; Bayerischer Gebirgsschweißhund

The basics:
Bavarian Mountain Hounds were developed to be a lighter, more agile scenthound capable of tracking prey in the rugged mountains of Bavaria. German hunters follow an honor code that requires them to find all shot game, whether wounded or dead. Since bleeding prey can sometimes run for miles and take days to track, these dogs need to be tough, determined, and tireless. They are not necessarily well-known as pets, but they are highly regarded for their tenacity as hunters. The Kennel Club (UK) notes that they are child-friendly and loyal to family, although perhaps reserved with strangers. Be prepared for a dog that likes to roam outdoors. This is a hunting and hiking companion, not a dog to pose on a cushion in front of the TV.

Appearance / health:
The head is strong and elongated. The skull is domed and relatively broad. The nose is black or dark red. The neck is of medium length and strong. The tail is of medium length and set on high.

Bavarian Mountain Dogs do not require much grooming, as they do not shed much. Occasional brushing is sufficient to keep their coats in good condition.

These dogs are basically hunting dogs and are rarely found as pets. They require a great deal of exercise. Frequent long walks, hikes, and jogs with the owner are necessary to keep them active.

Bavarian Mountain Hounds are prone to hip dysplasia, a condition characterized by badly formed hips that causes lameness. Eye problems may also occur in some.

Behavior / temperament:
High on courage, speed, and agility, the Bavarian Mountain Dog is a wonderful hunting companion in a rugged landscape. These dogs have a wonderful nose that is used to hunt most game. They can be persistent and determined when tracking a scent.

Training needs to be patient and kind, starting at an early age, and must include obedience training using methods of reward and praise. These dogs love to please their masters and can be trained easily. Harsh methods are not suitable. They have a high learning rate.

They are not very noisy and are calm most of the times.


emotional connection, thoroughly positive attitude, good nose

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